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  1. Officer Sky

    18Th Century Roleplay

  2. FunkerFox

    Anybody active in the U.S. Navy ?

    Looking to see how many shipmates I have on here active, retired, or no longer in.
  3. Stealtheart

    Hiring: WWII Commission budget $200 USD (CLOSED)

    Was looking for artists for a WWII style commission, no specific style in mind. It'd be two characters, exact details will follow once I get word back from my friend. In the meantime, I'd like to select an artist. Our budget is $200 USD, willing to negotiate higher. Show me your examples please!
  4. Woofloof

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [2/3OPEN] Soldier dogs adopts

    A bunch of Soviet dog soldiers... Because I enjoy dogs and uniforms :D (Just don't take those uniforms as 100% historically acurate ) Each of them is a russian breed! I - Borzoi boi II - Yakutian Laika sold :) III - Okay, that girl is actually a mix of Russian Toy Terrier and some spaniel SB: 8...
  5. H

    Military Marches

    Is anyone interested in marches like i am? If yes then please share the ones you like. Doesn't matter what nation and political views or time period.
  6. Stealtheart

    Military Posters ($100+)

    [EDIT: found an artist for the first poster] Looking to expand my art collection now that I've got my tax return and payday just around the corner. There's a poster I really like that I'd like to be seen redone with my sharkboy. I'd think about $100 USD would be a good start for but am happy...
  7. A

    You're a new Rainbow Six operator. Tell us about yourself.

    To those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, basically in this game called Rainbow Six: Siege there's this fictional counter-terrorism task force, Team Rainbow, whose operators are recruited from the most renowned elite units in the world such as SAS, SWAT, Spetsnaz, GSG9 and so...
  8. Stealtheart

    Military Furs?

    Didn't see a thread about this so I thought I'd go ahead and make it. Are there other military furs out there? And if so what branch are you and do you discuss your furrydom with your military pals? I'm Navy and I don't talk about it with pretty much anyone because everyone considers furries a...
  9. Open_Mind

    Veteran's Day

    To all those who ever served, On frozen shores far from home, In blistering deserts under enemy fire, Or ships far out at sea. To all those who stepped into the fight, With sweat, blood and tears... Thank you.
  10. pimpartist

    Historical and Military Commissions!

    Heya! I do military and historical work! Check out my pricelist and examples below: Here are some examples of my military/historical illustration work, with uniforms from different countries and time periods: Check out my FA for more examples of my work: Userpage of pimpartist -- Fur...
  11. lylemur

    Your planet's invaded, your family prepares for war, and you're a Pacifist

    I'm pleased to share my very first Kickstarter! A little alien named Tokai must navigate and survive a planet in the throws of war as a pacifist. The link, if you can please share and comment! Thanks you kck.st: Tokai
  12. P


    New military anthology edited by Dogpatch Press's own Fred Patten, Dogs of War, is OPEN FOR SUBMISSION. dogpatch.press: The Dogs of War: military fiction anthology OPEN FOR SUBMISSION
  13. ChapterAquila92

    Backlog of Ideas

    I have a fairly substantial backlog of things I want commissioned for various purposes, from my featured projects to personal use. If you have any suggestions for who I could go to for any of these, or if you want to take a stab at any of them, please let me know so we can discuss business in...
  14. ChapterAquila92

    Military fur reporting for duty

    Greetings to all! My name's Liam, I'm 23 years old, and I've been involved with the Furry Fandom for about 9 years as of this post. I'm originally from the Ottawa region - born and raised - and am now living in BC as part of what has now been six years of military service thus far. My fursona...
  15. SSJ3Mewtwo

    Looking to get a Navy/Military/Humorous Comic

    A Navy/Military/Humorous comic like what, you ask? A furry comic based on: A rough budget: I'm expecting to pay no less than $100 (I can't imagine this being all crammed onto one page and such, so a higher price for multiple pages is already expected. I'm just betting $100 will be a...