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  1. bunnynoah

    What is the Mega Milk font

    Pretty silly, I know. But I want to make a parody of it but I have no idea what font it is. If anyone is willing to share with me the name of the font, that would be awesome!
  2. thetribbleofqonos

    How do you make your coffee/tea?

    How do you usually make your coffee or tea? Personally, I don't put anything in my tea, except for sometimes I'll put a little stevia or honey. For coffee, cream and some sugar.
  3. Pignog

    Milk Thread Mk II

    The last thread was such a hit I just knew it was time for the second iteration. We're taking the gloves off for this one -- buckle up because this milk thread is going to be a wild ride!! UNFORTUNATELY the forums polls can only have a maximum of ten options. these are all new options this time...
  4. Pignog

    Milk thread

    What's your favorite milk? I use 1% for most tasks but sometimes if I'm feeling decadent I'll spring for 2%. How about the vegans? What's soy/almond milk like?