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mind control

  1. DinoLover4242

    Request: I'm looking for someone to turn my OC, Dylan, into Alastor The Radio Demon (Hazbin Hotel)

    I'm looking for someone to turn my OC, Dylan, into Alastor the Radio Demon (Hazbin Hotel) . If anyone is willing to make the comic/sequence/story of my OC transforming into Alastor, please let me know in the comments! ^_^
  2. B

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) Bewitched096 A-animation commissions ! Open!

    Hello! I'm open for animation commissions. I WILL DRAW: -SFW ; -Humans; (soooo original... - _-) -Anthro; -Monsters; -Furry; -Dragons and Reptiles; (I love dragons and reptiles) -Pokemon and Digimon; -Hypno fetish; (yeah am weird) I WILL NOT DRAW: -Scat; -NSFW (Depends :) -Cubporn or...
  3. B


    I am currently looking for an artiest to help me with a NSFW comic around twelve pages long with full colour and backgrounds. I am willing to spend more than $500 USD for each half of this work. If I am happy with the work after the first half is finished, I will then commission the other half...
  4. S

    Anyone up to dom in an 18+ lamia hypnosis RP?

    Hi! Just on the lookout for a female roleplay partner at the mo who'd be interested in a NSFW hypnosis RP with a male sub? Prefer long, detailed replies if possible, but I don't mind short ones either :). Let me know if you're interested! (I have Discord too if you'd rather do it there)
  5. Ixira

    Ixira Origins - Choice 1: Fight or Flight

    Hello and welcome to the first players choice page for my comic Origins. Please cast your vote and have your say in the progression of the story! Title Page: www.furaffinity.net: Origins - Title by Ixira Page 7:www.furaffinity.net: Origins - Page 7 by Ixira Thank you so much for taking the...
  6. Xander Martin

    Journey To The Central Nervous System Of Muriel (Courage TCD vore fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Journey To The Central Nervous System Of Muriel by BackupAccount Perhaps one of the most wonderfully weird and disturbing things you'll ever read; feel free to check it out
  7. M

    Casual RPer, looking for people to occasionally have fun with (SFW/NSWF)

    Basically, I'm not always up to RP. But there are times I want to do it, whether it be SFW or NSFW. My discord is Morukami#0493, and I won't be on there much because it is kind of my FA Discord...so most likely my kink Discord, and I wanna keep that on the downlow. I will answer when I get on...
  8. DuoDuoDuo

    Hypno Spell Thressome YCH

    Hi everyone! Bids are here: www.furaffinity.net: CHARM LESSON YCH by DuoDuoDuo There is threesome with some magic spells :)
  9. Yakamaru

    Mind Control, Telepathy, Ethics and Morals

    @PlusThirtyOne gave a rather interesting reply over at the thread here: forums.furaffinity.net: What 25 inventions does humanity NEED to create? Here is the quote from his/her reply to @Junkerfox: To quote his/her reply to me: Now, I will be replying mainly to the reply I was given, but I...
  10. Xander Martin

    Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Parappa The Rapper Vore Fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Fanfic) by xandermartin98 It's the first Parappa The Rapper fanfic to have Lammy and Katy literally fuck each other's brains out, slather them in bodily fluids and eat them; need I really say more? (also, you get to watch...
  11. Xander Martin

    Giantess Toriel X Asriel, Alphys X Flowey, and Lammy X Parappa (the unholy trifecta of fapfics)

    www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Toriel X Asriel: Motherly Fuckery by xandermartin98 Motherly Fuckery www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Alphys X Flowey: Vengeful Torment by xandermartin98 Vengeful Torment www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly Fuckery by xandermartin98...