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  1. FR0ST81T3

    [ISO] Gamer friends! [Read Thread!]

    I'm looking for friends who play Minecraft java edition! I run a server and small furry-friendly community and I want to reach a paw out to everyone here! I also post my arts and stuff on my discord community! We also take freebie requests directly through the discord itself. Server spoiled below!
  2. ZanyRaptor

    HP OMEN vs Dell G5

    I'm trying to make a final decision on which desktop PC I should have. A family member is offering to get me a PC for my birthday, which is in a week. There's the HP OMEN 25L and the Dell G5. I want a PC that I can use to play/stream Minecraft & VRChat, as well as for video editing and VR...
  3. mangomango

    Fursona Minecraft Skin

    I made a skin recently of my fursona Saber, and wanted to share! Also, I was wondering if anyone else had made a skin of their fursona or character? https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/14609782/saber-the-cheetah/
  4. F

    Any Minecraft furry servers?

    I found a good deal on wifi, and laptops with shockingly low prices... I still have a Minecraft account, but I haven't played since the End City and elytra update. I'm looking for a furry server - I prefer survival or roleplay. Leave the address so I can copy and paste it, along with some info...
  5. F

    Favorite Minecraft entity

    What is your favorite Minecraft entity? This can be hostile, non hostile, etc. Please keep in mind the most recent update on my system is llamas and woodland mansions. Mine has to be the wolf. @DariusNack , check it out. =3 Here is a screenshot of Me and Sarahi.
  6. foxclaws98k

    Pixelmon & Steam friends?

    I own a Pixelmon server with a custom modpack and share a public Discord with my boyfriend. I play lots of games on Steam, mostly Warframe and farming/survival games. Looking for friends, note me on FA, add on Steam, or add on Discord if you want to play stuff together. I'm open to RP too.
  7. Rap Daniel

    (Minecraft) My favorite satisfying and funny ways to mess around with Command Blocks

    1. Repeating command block. "/summon vindicator ~0~100~0". It's hilarious! 2. Build or grow a tree. Use a repeating command block set to be always active. "/fill (bottom trunk position) (top trunk position) log". You now have an unbreakable tree, not counting the leaves.
  8. Melnew

    Free Art: I'll turn your oc into a minecraft skin (Still open)

    I haven't played Minecraft in years but I've been getting back into it lately and i felt like drawing some skins anyone want one?
  9. Sarah Mikeller

    Looking for other furs to game with me and a friend

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here, but a long time furry. I'm predominantly looking for a few others to join me and my close friend in playing games in the evenings and on my days off. Games we often play include but are not limited to: 7 Days to Die, Stardew Valley, Killing Floor 2...
  10. RoseLilly


    okay so recently i been having staff troubles with my furry mc server and im lookin for new staff , so if anyone is interested . been stressing alot about staff , so i thought id make a post and see if anyone will nbe willing to help a girl out . bet nobody is interested , anyways my discord is...
  11. Vexerium

    1.13.2 Minecraft Server - Furry Friendly - Custom Survival

    Heya! We're a pretty chill Minecraft server community, and while we may not be a soley furry server, we are very accepting and inviting to all furries (the owner is a furry)! We host weekly, and bi-weekly events with fun giveaways, discord calls, and overall fun! All are welcome to join us, just...
  12. agris

    I am developing a custom Minecraft modpack and server

    Hello, I am working on creating a custom Minecraft modpack based on Continuum and hosting a server. I am looking if anyone else would be interested in joining my server as Minecraft solo gets boring after a while. I don't have a ton of rules or anything as I'd like to keep it small and casual...
  13. R176

    Furry Minecraft Server! play.fauxpaws.com (1.13.1)

    Hey! R176 here, and we've been working really hard on a brand new furry-based minecraft server over the last few weeks, and we're looking to expand our friendly little community! Allow me to introduce Faux Paws! Currently we are running on Minecraft version 1.13.1 with plans to update to...
  14. D

    Minecraft Transformation Server Staff? (NSFW)

    Hello everyone! I'm Dani! I came here to see if anyone wanted to partake in a minecraft server based on transformations (TFs) and I am currently looking for staff! If you have a minecraft account and are an active player or will become an active player, Please feel free to message me. If you...
  15. T

    Xbox One - Overwatch/Rocket League/Etc.

    Lookin for people to play with cuz I'm super bored this summer as I wait to start college. So hmu at ThaConk, also mention you're from FA if you do otherwise I might ignore you.
  16. Ieyato

    Great Minecraft LGBT/Furry Friendly Server

    Looking for a peaceful and friendly Minecraft server that won't judge? Tired of trolls and griefers messing with you because you are part of the LGBT or Furry communities. Then head on over to the LGBT/Furry server. We are a non-judgmental survival style world. Towny based with plenty of privacy...
  17. logansryche

    Aristide Minecraft Server

    I spoke yesterday morning about editing this when I could get to my pc, so here it is ^.^ Hello everyfur, my name's Rycon aka Logansryche. In January of this year my wife and I brought a Minecraft server online for PC furs to come and hopefully enjoy. The server features both survival and...
  18. DrakEmono

    Looking for a minecraft builder

    Hi I hope it's the good place for this, sorry if I'm wrong... I'm currently looking for a builder for minecraft. I wish to make a big minecraft server around adventure and rpg. Not saying much for now, as I have a big plan in my mind, but I'm still at the very beginning. In a later date, I...
  19. Deathless

    Who has a Minecraft account?

    Who has a Minecraft account and on what system? I have one and my user is Cheeziness and its on the PC.
  20. Skylge

    Cool Minecraft Mod(pack)s

    Edited the title of the thread as "Terrafirmacraft" no longer covered the contents :) Yarrrr. Shark infested water from the Mod Animals Plus, the oceanfloor is just visible with sceneries from the Coral Reef Mod. The Corals generate oxigen, it is possible op hop from one patch to another...