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  1. Mythic

    Furry Fandom Safety Guide - How to Spot Abuse

    https://furryfandomsafetyguide.carrd.co/ I wrote this guide to staying safe in the furry fandom so people would be able to spot abuse before it is too late. Please skim over it if you do not wanna read the whole thing. I've highlighted most important parts in blue so if you don't have time to...
  2. JPJK


    ~server deleted due to lack of members~
  3. Paprika Gremlin

    Being a minor, but not being able to tell, what I'm worried about.

    Hi, I'm Paprika. This year I got my first fullsuit at age 16. This year I'll be wearing her to two conventions; an anime con and a fur con, both in Texas. However I'm scared. I've heard stories about some people being a little too touchy, about asking weird things and such. And even...
  4. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Need a bit of a text color enhancing.

    The other themes are very choppy and the one I'm currently using on FAF is "retro" in "beta". It's the neatest of the available themes, in my opinion. The problem is, in the commissions area, the dark green font is difficult to see. I have to highlight it just so I can read it clearly, even on...
  5. eggplantmcgee

    Can A Minor Draw Porn?

    That was the best title I could think of. But my question is, can someone under 18 legally draw people in sexual situations? Can they sell it? If you think they should or shouldn't be able to leave your opinions! I wanna hear em.