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  1. Ravofox

    Stinkiest Type of Skunk

    We all know that skunks are stinky little critters, in more ways than one! They of course have their noxious spray which can knock out anything with a nose within a mile, but they're also amorous, sneaky, mischievous and down right diabolical! But, there's more than one type of skunk (why oh...
  2. Simo

    Most Mischievous Type of Fox

    The fandom is filled with foxes, of various types, as anyone outside of the fandom taking even a preliminary peek would immediately see. And, there are numerous species of foxes. Which of these main types do you find the most mischievous, bratty and/or sneaky? :P I'm gonna limit it to the 4...
  3. Nihles

    Skunk appreciation thread/Happy Birthday, Sweet Simo!

    It's the most mischievous Skunk's birthday today, so if @Simo has ever made you laugh, feel welcome, or cheered you up make sure you let him know! And don't forget to give him a spanking or tickling in revenge! *Tickles AND spanks @Simo because he's worth double effort*
  4. Izzy4895

    General Fox Activity

    We can use this thread to document fox activity. :p Fox steals newspaper at P.E.I. school | CBC News