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  1. Tuthogor

    Looking for rp partners to help develop mlp Oc universe

    I know the title is a mouthful but bare with me xD hi! I’m a 22 year old artist who’s been developing a group of my little pony ocs since I was 13-14-ish! I used to have a few friends I did this with, but most of them have moved on to different interests, and I’m still stuck here, so I’d love...
  2. NeonSkies

    Request: Just a little crumb of art?

    Hello! So um, I'm new to these forums.. I was hoping to get art of my MLP OC? She's just a silly, energetic and fun pegasus pony who loves to make new friends. Her cutie mark is just a shining star! Thanks in advance!
  3. PupperPaws

    Request: Anyone willing to draw my ponysona?

    I named her Sugar Paws, it matches with her cutie mark- She's very kind and loves making new friends and caring for all kinds of creatures. Here's the pic of her for reference: Thanks in advance!
  4. SilverWolf866

    (Commission) Selling: 1/2 Slots OPEN! Canids + Ponies [$80-$330]

    Close Ups of Examples: - Please read my Terms listed on the sheet before commissioning! By purchasing any artwork from me you automatically agree the terms listed. I currently have 2 slots open for canids and ponies! If you are interested you can claim a slot either on my FurAffinity...
  5. Biscuitmango

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Biscuitmango Creations ★ SFW Commissions

    For more examples, check out my Ko-Fi..! https://ko-fi.com/biscuitmango Terms Of Service Images for PERSONAL use only. DO NOT REPOST. I do NOT accept cryptocurrency. I am strictly a "Safe for Work" artist..! If your idea for a commission is in a gray area and you’re unsure if I would accept...
  6. Alrazvick

    Looking to revive an old horror story.

    A long time ago I decided to write a story based on one of my favorite horror movies, Slither from 2006, but I feel like I have lost my way with it and have considered rewriting it from scratch. However I’m hesitant to start again because of both bad confidence in my writing and because I wonder...
  7. Lucha

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ♡♡♡ NSFW/SFW FANART/OC $15+ (3 october slots)

    tis the season!! i need some money for gifts so i'm opening 3 slots. I offer sketches for smaller donations, any is appreciated, thank you! Headshot - $15 Torso - $20 Fullbody (flat/complex color) - $25/$30 Chibi - $15 SFW & NSFW prices are the same, but notice that the only exception are...
  8. XionMonro

    (NSFW) mlp lewd romance?

    Hello! I'm hoping to find some one interested in starting something long term. I'm hoping to find a very lewd romance rp between either my mare, and either Celestia or Octavia as they are two of my favorite ponies, or your oc mare. Detail and post length are a must. I like huge posts, and will...
  9. Lucha

    (Base/YCH) Selling: one $5 slot (anthro)

    I need money for my good friend's birthday gift so I'm opening 2 slots for these. They will not be repeated. Simple shading,, abstract background is possible. Will be done in a week. I am also open for a couple of $15 comissions: Please contact me on twitter, email or here. Email/twitter is...
  10. XNTHZ

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) COMMISSION ICON AND ANIMATION ICON YCH!

    HIYA ALL! I urgently need money, but drawings are my only opportunity to earn money. In this regard, I will take few slots for custom icons! RULES: Fix price: 40$ Payment via PayPal (or SBER, if you are from Russia or the CIS) Will do: pony, humans, furry DEADLINE: Undefined. Maybe in a...
  11. YPestis

    Hiring: ($25) Anthro MLP Artist

    My first thread here, I hope I'm doing this right! So basically I have this pony OC, Ember Song: https://toyhou.se/7623811.ember-song#24724461 https://toyhou.se/7623811.ember-song#29174609 And I would like to get an anthro style bust or a thigh-up of her, sort of like these...
  12. Zehnny

    Obligatory hi I'm new thread

    Hello I forgot that I made a FurAffinity account years ago and figured I may as well start using it again since I am getting back into digital art. Username is the same as here, Zehnny. I am really active on twitter too, @/lilZehnny is my handle. I mostly draw pony related stuff but that's...
  13. XionMonro

    Mlp incest rp with highly detailed posts (NSFW)

    Looking for an ponysona mare to do an ongoing rp with. My idea for the rp is your mare (mother, daughter or sister) wants to love my mare more than as just family and try’s to work her up and get her to come around to giving the idea a try. If it’s mother daughter, I figure the daughter could...
  14. T

    (Commission) Selling: Half/Full Body Commissions! (starting at $5)

    My chibis and bust shots are too low to advertise here, but my others are available! HALF BODY Starting at 5USD Extra characters 1 USD each Backgrounds free Shading 1USD extra FULL BODY Starting at 8USD Extra characters 1 USD each Backgrounds free Shading 1USD extra WILL DRAW Most...
  15. Zehlua

    Pony Life - Yay or Neigh?

    I personally prefer the FiM series, but I will admit that Potion Nova is pretty cute!
  16. S

    Why the hate on bronies?

    I don't see them as a problem hell my little cousins love mlp or mlp friendship is magic. Well tell me why so that I could understand better and please no hate just reason and understanding with a compassion heart.
  17. Ink Ribbon

    Hiring: Fallout: Equestria-related art including Power Armour. See thread. [$30+]

    First off, I just want to say that the price is completely open to negotiation, and $30 is a low-ball as it is. There's probably going to be a lot of discussion, just to make sure we're both happy with the project. I'm looking for a pretty difficult piece including a suit of unique power armour...
  18. Earyna

    Request: Animator and Artists

    Project: Pony Game Details: It is a pony game, a classic RPG. It can be played solo, or with friends online. It is played in the browsers. The game will be free to play, Looking for: 1. Artist to make a wallpaper for it. 2. Artist(s) willing to draw some charachters. 3. Artist(s) willing...
  19. theladyinlavender

    (Base/YCH) Selling: MLP Character Sheet Base [Fixed Price $5] [Commercial Use Allowed]

    Get for $5 on Gumroad: gumroad.com: MLP Character Sheet Base ***** A simple character sheet base. You get a layered .psd file with a front and 3/4 view plus an equestrian base. The original file size is 7000x5658px at 300dpi. Commercial use for character design / adoptables / YCH allowed with...
  20. Cultro

    (Base/YCH) Selling: SOLD - NSFW Pony YCH UFA [SB 5$]

    Sold and closed