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  1. XionMonro

    Seeking long term mlp rp partner NSFW

    Seeking a long term mlp rp partner as my last one did not work out. I am hoping to find some one with either a mare or stallion oc for an ongoing NSFW, romance alive for life rp, who will be a lover for my mare character. I would like to do it over discord or telegram if we could. I ask that...
  2. Xing Tian

    Selling pony!

    www.furaffinity.net: Selling pony! [OPEN] by XingTian i am selling this pony for 15 USD with a NSFW version included if the buyer wishes to have it this is first come first serve, no auction or anything of the sort if you wish to buy this adopt please leave a comment below or message me...
  3. littleredglaring

    Cute lizard adoptables and an MLP pony auction!

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to sell some adoptables in order to help a friend who's in a bit of a crisis with her living situation. You can view the posts here: www.furaffinity.net: Noodle Adopts - $10 each! (4/4) by littleredglaring <= Noodles! www.furaffinity.net: MLP Adoptable Auction by...
  4. XionMonro

    [CLOSED THANK YOU!] Seeking quality nsfw mlp rp

    So I am searching for one cannon for our characters rp with some one, like an ongoing meaningful rp of our characters lives, romance, etc with a lot of erp involved as well as probably conflict and drama and maybe occasional adventure. I’m an artist so I could even draw art of our characters...
  5. 20zf15

    YCH - cute pony couple, kiss on the forehead OC/canon [CLOSED]

    ✧SB: 25$ ✧Full shaded at any bid ✧ You can decide facial expressions ✧ You decide background ✧ You can add small details and accessories ✧ You can choose earth pony, unicorn, pegasus or alicorn PLEASE BID HERE <3: A SMALL KISS - YCH.Commishes A SMALL KISS – ANY SPECIES earth pony...
  6. Simo

    Give a Cutie Mark to The Furry Above You

    OK, Inspired by My Little Pony, we all know they had to work hard to earn their cutie marks...but...in this game, simply give a cutie mark to the furry above you that suits them, to be proudly displayed on their hind quarters. Here's your chance to give everyfur the cutie mark they need, and...
  7. NightFlame12

    The solice empire NSFW MLP

    A discord rp server. Erp. 18 and up period. If interested link will be provided.Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  8. causticFiredrake

    My Little Pony YCH

    My Little Pony YCHs open! Changelings and other pony-like species welcome! Just comment or PM me if interested <3 Prices/example here: HQ example of shaded:
  9. XionMonro

    Mlp ongoing rp partner(s) wanted 18+

    Seeking some one who might be interested in a long term ongoing romance/adventure/slice of life mlp role play. Most likely will contain a good bit of nsfw. I have sevaral characters and can even aid in designing you a character if you desire as I am a digital artist. As far as setting and...
  10. DrAltruist

    Commission slots open! From SFW to hard NSFW :3

    Hello everyone! I'm open for commissions ^.^ Commission Info for DrAltruist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Brief info and how to commission me: Price range is from USD 6 to 27 depending on what do you need. Check my commission info for more details. To order a commission simply message me on FA...
  11. HoneyBonnieBunny

    My Little Pony Adoptables!

    Oleander is SOLD As usual spring has come early in Louisiana, so I made these ponies based off of some of my favorite flowers! Each pony is $10, payable through PayPal. The email is honeybonniebunny@gmail.com. If you're interested just comment or send me a message to claim, and once the money is...
  12. RollerRobert

    Drawing Pokesonas, Ponysonas, and Fursonas! (closed)

    Back again with another thread so soon? You bet I am!! It's all in the title - give me your refs: fursonas, ponysonas, pokesonas... And I'll pick some I like and draw 'em! I usually ask for a little more than that in my threads but I feel like I really need one where I can draw with all the...
  13. Tris

    Full Color Commissions, starting at $5! (SALE!)

    Hello, I'm new to FA and super excited to join the community with my art!! I'm currently in need of money for my new puppy! She will hopefully by my therapy dog if I can get enough money saved up to train her! I'm also heading to college next year, so anything helps a ton!! I'm willing to...
  14. Zilleniose

    [ADOPT] Daeduli: Gem Unicorns!

    Hi there! This is my first time posting, so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Daeduli: Gem Unicorns ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* These elusive ponies are very reclusive, rarely seen outside of areas home to labyrinthine caves. They have powerful earth and light-bound magic, and...
  15. pepperkeil

    Offering $5 Chibi Commissions!

    Offering chibi style commissions like these for $5 each; turnaround time one to two days! Can do any species, furry or pony. If interested just let me know! <3 <3
  16. ThefriendlyFurry

    MLP: Humans in Equestria RP

    I'm almost 90% sure this counts as furry but I'm starting a side RP on Discord. The premise is a long term RP (Consisting of 2-3 arcs) based around a group of humans being thrown into Equestria and being forced to acclimate to the society as they desperately find a way to get home. Along the way...
  17. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Mystery Pony Commissions!~ <3

    Mystery Pony Commissions are Open!~ How it Works… You’ll be getting a totally unique, custom pony, but you won’t know what it will look like until it’s done! You give me a… 1.) Name and/or Theme (Or even a color palette!) 2.) Species 3.) Gender I will create a pony for you based on what...
  18. Paintyneko

    Paintyneko's PayPal Commissions: $5-$15

    Hello! What I can draw 1. Animals (feral/anthro) 2. MLP 3. custom characters 4. humans/anime Prices (all lined, colored, and shaded) Headshot: $5 Halfbody: $6 Fullbody:$7 Custom character design: $7 Simple ref sheet with character and color palette $7 Complex ref sheet with one full, one...
  19. Winterbolts

    MLP Adopt: Red Cap (Unicorn)

    EDIT: Price has been lowered to $15 OBO. I have a pony character here up for sale! Once bought, you have full rights to to the design. Credit is appreciated, though not required. You may alter them any way you would like, just please do not resell them. I am selling them for $15 OBO. To...
  20. Impulse-8

    MLP 2010: A Casual's Questions

    For anyone that's watched the show, I have some questions. If I were to one day reach full curiosity and decide to watch all of the modern My Little Pony episodes: 1. What should I expect? 2. What should I not expect? 3. What are the best and worst seasons? 4. Do the characters sing? If so, how...