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  1. ThreeLegMeg

    10$ MLP Adopts

    This is my first time doing adopts, Please let me know if youre interested! Payments are done through paypal. My only rule is that you please don't resell these designs! heres a link to the FA post
  2. MarshmallOwl


    There will be YCHes.
  3. halcyondrop

    YCH | Ponies in Panties

    Bid here if interested! Come Play! - YCH.Commishes
  4. Pawlle131313

    Open requests!

    www.furaffinity.net: Free requests *OPEN* by Pawlle131313 I'm giving out free requests, these are pencil sketches. To get one simply comment here with a character reference. (1 character/person) NOTE: I may NOT do all requests if I get too many, but if you make a journal (on FA itself) and...
  5. msgrandpabacon

    Full-Body Anthro Commissions SFW/NSFW ($5-$15) Sale~

    Hey there! Thanks for clicking on my thread. Once all of my slots have been filled I am going to raise my prices higher. There is 1 slot left. I am willing to draw most anything. Especially candy gore. $5 for a singular headshot/avatar. You will be provided with the original size of the...
  6. Aqua-Spirit22

    Cute clean doodles, 1-2 characters for $5 !

    Hello! I'm here to offer some doodles that are fun to draw, easy and cheap! Only $5 :> For that price I will draw up to 2 characters, any more than that will be $2 extra. One complex design character is good to go for $5 but two or more will be discussed. You can contact me in English or...
  7. causticFiredrake

    Taking MLP requests for a short time. (30 minutes until Close)

    All done digitally. They do take a while so they may not be all done today, but will ALL be done. No detailed backgrounds. Please only use characters you have at least one picture/reference for, I can't work from a description. Examples HERE Doing both Canon ponies and OCs. Open for 30 minutes...
  8. gentleluger

    Female Anthropomorphic Goo-Pony NSFW ($25)

    I am looking for an artist who will be willing to draw my oc, a female goo-pony, anthropomorphize with NSFW themes. My budget is $25 dollars, I'll be paying with Paypal. Please include some examples in the reply section along with some way of contacting you, preferably an email or...
  9. EdgarKingmaker

    [YCH] A Pair of NSFW Tentacular Auctions

    Like a summoning ritual gone wrong, the first of the two YCH auctions is featured primarily for female-framed bipedal anthro figures, (which includes most of us.) Starting bid at $15 USD, this one gives a view of some prime real-estate. Plus, the auto-buy figure at just $60 comes complete with...
  10. Square-Wave_Kittycat

    What is the link between furry fandom and mlp?

    I've never seen this question asked by searching so I decided to ask this question myself. I've just been so confused by the amount of mlp and bronies in this fandom and on FA so I need answers!
  11. quoting_mungo

    Open for MLP requests for a limited time

    Full details on my Tumblr. I don't draw canon characters as commissions, so this is a rare-ish chance to request canon character art from me. SFW requests originating from this forum will be crossposted to this thread. Please send NSFW requests through Tumblr only, so we don't get explicit...
  12. nastipone

    [NSFW] Enter a naughty MLP contest! Prize Art from SketchyBug!

    So dirty, I can't say its name here! ;) Pilot a Changeling girl through ... activities! If you win, you keep her, plus prize artwork from SketchyBug! [NSFW] www.furaffinity.net: SEMEN DEMONS - Enrollment by nastipone
  13. nastipone


    Captain Hairball and I are teaming up to bring you a sexy scene open to stallions who want to have some outdoor fun with canon characters! Get Some! www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Hammock Party! Art by Captain Hairball! by nastipone
  14. CreativeChibiGraphics

    Furry,MLP,human anthro art commissions open!

    I'm now open for commissions :) Please comment below if you'd like a slot, commissions will start tomorrow but for today I'm just taking orders I only accept payment first so no holds for a long period of time. This is my price sheet here in full sta.sh: Price sheet 2017 The picture of my price...
  15. C

    Furry and pony artist looking for work!

    Hey Fur affinity! So, I got a bit of a thing for you. I am a drug, addiction free single who enjoys drawing ponies and furries. I stand for high quality over quantity. I believe everyone who hires me should get the best possible product. So, here's the sitch. I'm saving up money for a...
  16. Ninitard

    ✿ Ninii's cute and detailed art shop ✿

    ✿ I have seen a few people searching for commissions! ✿ Well if you like cute / detailed art I can do both ^^ ✿ Complex characters? Not a problem at all! ✿ My art is not as expensive as people usually think. ✿ But of course I also don't undercharge my art since it's my job. ✿ I can...
  17. Messenger-Pigeon

    Discount Sketch Commissions!

    I need some money fast so I'm opening my sketch commissions for only $5/500 points(da)! They would usually cost $15 so that's a $10 dollar discount. c: There's only 6 slots open, after that my sketches will cost $15 again. I'm only accepting money/DA points for this. Adding an extra character...
  18. nastipone

    [NSFW] MLP Milk Scene! OC's Welcome!

    Hey guys, had a little contest I wanted to tell you about! I need 8 ponies to be part of a messy mass lactation scene drawn by the awesome Capt_hairball! The pic will involve 8 mares, one lucky stallion, and a whole lot of milk! You can register your anthro female pony OC, or pick a pony from...
  19. sahar

    Pony Cruise: Who do you want to see?

    A group of pony friends are going on a cruise for somepony's 18th birthday! And I'll be spilling all the juicy details of their cruise in a fun comic! Who will it be? And how long will the comic be? It's up to you! Make a pledge for your favorite here: www.furaffinity.net: Pledge-A-Pony 2...
  20. SharpUnforgiven

    Hello I'm new to the forum

    I'm a digital artist, an MLP fan, and recently became a furry (fan). I've been drawing for close to 4 years (traditional) and 2 years (digital). I've been drawing ponies for the last two years both feral/anthro and SFW/NSFW. I've had some luck with commissions but not as much as I'd like. So I...