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  1. Emstylauzer

    Bat Pony name Poll!

    So I've made a poll for the name suggestions I got on Furvilla's forums goo.gl: Have your say: Official Name for Bat Pony! Poll closes tonight at 9:00 pm EST Description for them below! They are known to, and always will be caught eating stolen fruits. Specifically dragon fruit and other...
  2. Ninitard

    Pokemon/feral and pony commissins and customs! (new ponys pecies are out!)'

    Hi!!! I haven't been onlne in a few months. So I wanted to update my commissions and art! I'm mainly a pokemon/feral specially pony artist ! I am working on new species (ponies) and my customs for them are now open! So here are the prices for my commissions! My species name + info + custom...
  3. stratkat

    /mlp/ made an album, proceeds go to charity.

    Well, it actually happened. We finished and released an album of music. /mlp/ finished a project. >"What is this? What project?" An album. Titled ">No Fun Allowed", it is a two year effort that the /MLP/ Plays thread have miraculously completed. What once started with a simple musician's...
  4. Orasa

    My Little Pony Adopts & Commissions - available now!

    Hello, and welcome! This will be pretty much a permanent thread to post links to new My Little Pony Adopts. Thank you for visiting, please see the next post for any currently available adopts and information! ----------------------- Lineart (c) SilverPelt & Orasa Used with permission
  5. Ninitard

    All adopts for sale! Between $10 -$25

    Hi hi again. I'm wanting to clean up my adopts so I'm reducing the prices . All pictures aer down below. Here's the prices of them. Pink,black and purple tiger : $20 Caramel Blossom(pony) :$15 Strawberry Cheeks (pony) :$10 Pink valentine's pony: $10 Deer : $20 Blue hybrid pony (not alicorn) ...
  6. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Free Pony Art! (limited spaces, limited time)

    I really want more examples of My Little Pony ocs for my commission posts, so if you'd like some quick free art hit me up! Respond with a picture/link to your oc and i'll do a flat colored drawing of them! Look here for examples of pony art Userpage of honeybonniebunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  7. crystallinecanine

    I'm not even a full on brony....

    AND I LOVE THIS SONG! ( ) I just want to dance everytime I hear it!! Agghhh!! Does anyone relate or an I all alone? XD
  8. fandomworldslove


    hi guys im new with the furry stuff but have been drawing for like couple years now and got recently active again, would be fun to do an art trade etc so drop a reply here and we´ll get this shit started : ))
  9. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Themes for My Little Pony Adoptables?

    If you were in the market for pony adoptables, what kind of designs would you like to see? What themes would you like to see in different batches? Let me know, I need some ideas! Here's a link to my Deviantart where you can see my previous adoptables http://honeybonniebunny.deviantart.com/...
  10. C

    Commissions open (chibis, anything you'd like)

    Hello~ Im new here but I thought I should advertise the few commission slots I have open on here too ^^ Here are my full portfolios: http://drawingneko.deviantart.com/gallery/ Ioana [pixiv] If you're interested, please let me know what you'd like and I'll give you a quote~ Have a nice day~
  11. Suki262

    Streaming some stuff!

  12. Silverkitsune84

    MLP commissions

    Equine pokemon and digimon as well! $5 full body, shaded, simple background or a 2/3 body shot like these: Sorry for the links but the images won't upload into the post www.furaffinity.net: Spitfire by SilverKitsune84 www.furaffinity.net: Coco Pommel by SilverKitsune84 www.furaffinity.net...
  13. Suki262

    Stream pt 2

    Picarto.TV - Suki262s Channel
  14. Ninitard

    ✿Updated comissions (From $1 to $20)✿

    ✿Hi hiii~ ✿I just wanted to update the prices of my comissions...Again.Untill June 13th the prices are down! ✿ I make furries and non-furries. ✿I usually make them in the afternoon and finish them on that same day,sometimes the next morning. NOTE: ALWAYS ADD $2-$5 extra. (Paypal fee's ,the...
  15. Suki262

    NSFW Artist

    Hiya I'm and I am a furry/manga artists for hire and is interested in helping you guys with what you want! What I DO draw: Furries/Ponies Anime/manga style Mechas Aliens Porn/BDSM Comics What I DON'T draw: Child Pronz Prego/Feet/Diaper Fetishes Gore (sexualized) My prices are simple...
  16. Suki262

    Digital Commissions (4 Slot)

    For more information on the rules and the prices for my services, check out this link here http://suki262.deviantart.com/journ.....lots-590820018
  17. apple_ogies

    My Little Pony YCH (Open)

    Want art of your MLP oc doing something cute or radiant? Welllll here you go! My Little Pony YCH! I take Paypal exclusively and am willing to adjust the prices to accommodate for your situation as long as you can offer something in return for the knocked off cost. Prices are in the description...
  18. TokageTheBunny


    Hi everyone! I'm selling these adoptables, felines are 12$ and ponies 10$( except for number 7 and 8 that are 14$) C: First come firts serve! If you add 10$ to your order i'll do a flat colored piece of the character you have bought ^^