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  1. G

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Furry Alliances/Guilds

    After playing the closed beta I can say with confidence that this game will be the 2nd game online game that I will continuously play until I "beaten it." Since then, I was wondering if I could make a human x anthro alliance, which is what guilds are called in this game, but I was too nervous...
  2. Kinare

    Temtem, aka "that Pokemon MMO"

    Lots of Pokemon fans here, so I feel the "rees of hatred" incoming. x3 While very similar to Pokemon, it's not a direct ripoff like some... so I'd ask you guys to try to look at it with an open mind and not immediately hate because "Pokemon clone". There are a lot of QoL improvements and so far...
  3. Papa_Soma

    a dayz server that is in desperate need of people

    77th Experimental "Luna" Squadron, Belkan Air Force DayZ Server a public, DayZ standalone server please join us we have : memes gyroids food non-abusive admins a welcoming community some furries there and there please don't let us die Join the 77th Experimental "Luna" Squadron, Belkan Air...
  4. Mikazuki Marazhu

    Old MMO's you used to play

    YouTube recommendation a Ragnarok online video and I'm like maaaan that brings me to the time where MMO's are starting to pick up and I was all over it I remember playing: Flyff Online RF online O2Jam Gunz Online MU online Freestyle Online Gunbound Ran Online Silk Road What old MMO's did you...
  5. Goeiz

    Who Else Plays Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted?

    I've been playing this game since 2012, but I've been on and off considering it's pay to play. I just got back on again for a bit after two years on Free Access, and good lord, so much has changed. I'm still kind of in shock, and sad that New Trismus is in ruins and is no longer that much of a...
  6. Ashke

    Secret World Legends

    The Lovecraftian MMO The Secret World recently went free to play and became Secret World Legends. Since then, a lot of my RP friends have stopped playing it. Any fans of it around that RP? I really want to get back into it but being on my own hasn't been the greatest.
  7. kittlelitz

    New Furry MMO! Need new players!

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently involved in a small team of developers who are working on a new furry, fairy tale-based MMO called "Secondhand Lands." The game recently passed the Steam "Greenlight" process, but we need more players to justify further development. Although the graphics and the...
  8. S

    Final Fantasy XIV Discussion

    I only know how to talk about this game haaa... So I'm a pretty avid fan of FFXIV and I wanted to see if anyone else around here played it. Just a few discussion questions is all I've got... Are you excited for Stormblood? What's the most exciting thing about the expansion? What role do you...
  9. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    If You Lived in an MMO

    Which MMO would it be? Don't worry, you can pick whatever you want, no matter how new or old the game. :) Honestly, I would probably pick Runescape... because I've pretty much memorized the map since I was younger and I'd never get lost. :D I'd make a living by selling cakes or something and...
  10. KushFox

    Guild Wars 2 Furries(?)

    I'm not entirely sure that anybody still plays this game, but I would certainly enjoy the company of some of my fellow furs ;) If you still play this pretty avidly, just post your stats below, so I can add you <3
  11. DylanM40

    World of Warcraft

    Hello was wondering if anyone still plays world of warcraft here? I was checking back a ways didn't see to many threads on it and the one stickied had been deleted.
  12. N

    Furry mmos

    Know any good mmos and social games with furries aside from: Furcadia, Second Life, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, Archeage, IMVU, World of warcraft, Wildstar, Final fantasy 11 and Final fantasy 14.