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  1. Parabellum3

    Hiring: Need a 3D modeler for game development/VR chat (<= $200)

    Hey guys. This may be a tough one to take on, but I am looking for someone that could make a 3D model of my OC, along with his blade and gun for a little game that I am trying to make using the Unreal Engine. Currently I am trying to implement basic functions to a dummy character, though I don't...
  2. I

    Hiring: NSFW 3D Artist to create Unity-rigged 3D Model ($200+)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to commission someone capable of turning my human OC into a fully-rigged 3D model for personal use in Unity game engine. As a list, here's what I'm looking to get done; - real-life proportions, ideally not anime-like - colored & textured - rigged for IK (I intend to...
  3. minzer

    Hiring: Looking for Avatar for Vstreaming

    Hi! I might be interested in starting to v-Stream, i already made my first own trackable drawing in Adobe Character Designer which works well and turned out cute but i thought about looking out for an artist who knows what they're doing better than me. I'm specifically looking for only Head to...
  4. Ember_Kamura

    Ember's 3D model thread!

    Ah! Hello everyone! I'll be uploading a model for my game, Project Southpaw. This is merely a model of one of the enemies that the player will encounter in the game, though I can also say that it probably qualifies as a form of 3D model art. I know that the model is indeed missing it's arms...
  5. athert

    Looking for nsfw 3d artist (180$-210$)

    Hello! Im looking for someone who can create 3d fullbody rigged model that can be later used in my game. We have for now not so much specifications becouse we are just looking for people and we dont know what we are capable for now. For sure we know that we want for testing purposes create...
  6. M

    SFM Valka Model

    I wish everyone a good day ! I am searching for an Valka (Httyd) Model could some one help me ? Sfmlab and Steamworkshop sadly had nothing.
  7. skeletonizedskull

    how does this dress look

    As the title implies, I'm makin' a dress for this character. If you give two shits to care and respond, how does it look?
  8. J

    Playermodel request for Garry's Mod

    Hello FA, First time posting here but I feel this is the only place where it can get attention and where it's appropriate to request it. Would anyone be willing to port some models in Gmod to be used as player models or lead me to where they might be available as PMs? The models in question...
  9. C

    3D model of video game character

    EDIT: Artist has been found. Thanks for your interest. I'm looking to hire a skilled artist to create a 3D model of the Repede from the video game Tales of Vesperia. Payment: $500-1000 Rigging is not needed, but would increase the payment. If interested, please send references or questions...
  10. ChapterAquila92

    Warhammer Kitbash: Grav-Russ Executioner

    Heyo! Liam here, and I've been working on the titular project for a little while 3 years now. In case you're not familiar, Warhammer 40k is a tabletop game by Games Workshop that is set in the dark future of the 41st Millennium, featuring a technologically stagnant, xenophobic galaxy-wide...
  11. Darkam

    3D model printable little monster project

    Hello, I have a little personal project : make a 3D print of my character called “Darkam”. So I’m looking for a 2D&3D artist. The goal is to have a “STL” file at the end (3D model optimized for a 3D printer). I would like to make some modifications / evolutions on the actual version of...
  12. Z

    Blender and Source Filmmaker help

    Anyone know a good tutorial for Blender and Source Filmmaker, I really want to learn how to use them. Would really appreciate any help
  13. G

    Original, Plushie/Doll of your fursona?

    So, I've been doing some 3d models lately. They're sturdy, neat looking, and flexible. If I were to compare it to anything, it would be AnyaBoz's "room guardians". However, they're in no way the same idea. I create them with a clay face, and feet of any sort, steel wire for the limbs, aluminum...
  14. Alpine

    Alpine's Pile o Guns (pic heavy) - Sketchup

    A showcase for some 3D models I did from 2010-2012. There's literally a pile of them so I threw in a few of the good ones here. I've been using SketchUp since around 2006 and currently use 15 Pro with oodles of extensions installed. Here's the SU Warehouse link for my model dumps if anyone can...
  15. KitKatChunKiss

    Anatomy help? ; v;

    I'm not that great on anatomy, so I was wondering if everything looked good on this model before I work on a more final version? I'll add fur later. I also hid the bits so it should be alright for this forum... I hope. ; ;