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  1. Nexus Cabler

    Your Thoughts on Corporate Art Styles

    I've noticed a trend growing here in the U.S where advertisements and major tech businesses all use similar art styles, consisting elements of minimalism, unrealistic proportions etc. I'm not sure what caused this to grow in popularity. Perhaps they want relatable...or maybe not so relatable to...
  2. Bluefiremark II

    LF: sfw RP, details in thread.

    Hello all~ I've gotten a tad bored lately and have decided i want to do a roleplay! "But what type?" you might be asking. Great question, well I've got a few things.. a sci fi setting for one, fantasy, perhaps more modern. I have tons of characters of different era's so it works out for me, so...
  3. Ravofox

    books, comics or graphic novels featuring a modern style anthro society?

    I know this is a strangely phrased title, but I couldn't think of anything better to express what I'm asking about XD. Basically, I was wondering what other literary works feature a similar concept to Beastars (i.e a contemporary - not historical or futuristic - society populated by anthros and...
  4. W

    Main Site Possible to access d.facdn links via Modern design?

    If I switch to Classic and hit download I can access the full size image fine, but that button only downloads directly if I'm on the modern design. EDIT: It *used* to be that way as early as yesterday, but now it brings me to the cdn even when I'm on modern. Might want to lock the thread...
  5. I

    Cultural Appreciation

    There are a lot of cool and interesting cultures in the world that have contributed to our lives. You might study this culture or live in it yourself. I decided to make a thread where everyone could gather and share them. Post art, music, poetry, photos, and anything from any culture you...
  6. CptnSpiffy

    What type of RP would you like to 'see'?

    First off, hello! As like many others who poke their heads to the RP side of FA's forums I want a good RP so that I can let my creative build up come out! Other sites I have just done the usual, either joined a current ongoing one and molded a character from scratch to fit or I would attempt...
  7. AlexanderMuffin

    Looking for casual modern anthro RP

    Hi, Just bored so I'd like to start an RP. I prefer it to be clothed anthro in a modern setting. Optional NSFW. Just one boundary: Absolutely No Violence whatsoever

    Male Lizard Seeks 18+ Roleplay!

    With a catchy title like that, how can you resist?! I'm a 22 year old lizard-person, bisexual, male but strongly on the feminine side. The kind of roleplay I'm seeking isn't specific, but I'd love to include elements of species recognition - meaning that species and biological differences are...
  9. Voldrak

    (Discord) New Modern esque roleplay with themes of magic, technology, and more.

    So, Me and my friends have been working on a setting for a roleplay, and we've finally finished. If you're interested in joining this, contact me on discord at river58#0922 or join the discord in my signature. If it's not interesting or somethings wrong, please let me know why :P. Here's the info: