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  1. Barafu_PineBerry

    Mod recommendation for Twitch channels

    Are there any mods that are recommended for furry twitch gaming channels? I stream from Sunday to Thursday from 5pm to 10pm. I take Fridays and Saturdays off. Do you know anyone available during those hours?
  2. S

    Is it possible to mod middle earth SOM or SOW?

    It's it possible to change the enemies with different models? I wanna play as Talion as a lion or a dog or a wolf or make the orcs like dogs or cats or any kind of anthropomorphic animals.
  3. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    An Open Thanks to the Mods

    I would lime to thank the mods for all of their hard work this year. I'll admit I haven't always made things easy, and I've had my fair share of citations, but I do appreciate the work you do, and understand that you are insanely understaffed. But through thick and thin, you have stuck with us...
  4. Le Chat Nécro

    The Mod Problem - Revisted

    *beleaguered sigh* Another month, another troll, and it's always the same. I first brought this up back in May, where I was told that "they're working on things behind the scenes first". Then I revived that thread again in early July due to extensive trolling on the site. There was no...
  5. Eli Wintershade

    Are the mods asleep?

    We have had 2 threads started by a troll, and one that he has told someone to kill themselves. Are the mods on vacation or asleep?
  6. ChapterAquila92

    Be Right Back, Modding XCOM2

    As of late, I've gotten into making mods for XCOM2 and its War of the Chosen expansion, and I figured that at least some fellow gamers here would like to try them out at some point. With that said, it wouldn't be fair if I had all the fun! If you've made mods as well, share them here! If not...
  7. Impulse-8

    Questions about Skyrim: Enhanced Edition

    For anyone that has Skyrim: Enhanced Edition for the PS4 (Or Xbox One, that's fine), I have two questions: 1. Are the loading times better in the Enhanced Edition over the PS3/Xbox 360 versions? 2. Can you get these mods on it? Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Sky UI Personalized Music Jaxonz...
  8. Skylge

    Cool Minecraft Mod(pack)s

    Edited the title of the thread as "Terrafirmacraft" no longer covered the contents :) Yarrrr. Shark infested water from the Mod Animals Plus, the oceanfloor is just visible with sceneries from the Coral Reef Mod. The Corals generate oxigen, it is possible op hop from one patch to another...