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  1. Asteroo

    why the when mom keeps saying beep at?

    Hi guy(s), so I've been having problems with my mom this week since I took someone's advice and tried to change her oil, all she does is give me dirty looks and hits and runs me over even more now. I tried calming her down by offering our Cat as a sacrifice (Since the darkest day the small...
  2. Asteroo

    Don't you just hate it when mom is a car

    my mom keeps running me over and making squelching noises at me, I'm not too sure what to do about it. Just last night she stubbed my toe and I screamed curse words at her and then the dog said ow for me and i just don't want to sleep because the mom is a car and the dog is a toe that stubbed my...
  3. Orla

    Hello! Am I too old for this?

    No. No I am not. :) I'm fairly new to the furry scene, but have always had an interest in anthromorphic art and stories and such. I spent my childhood daydreaming I was in the world of Disney's 'Robin Hood', and dont regret a minute of it! Well, a bit about me.. I'm Orla, a single mother of...
  4. Tate Coyote

    Anyone parents? Need some help..

    Derp. Just realized I posted this in the wrong area. My bad. Admin, please delete?