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  1. iamthehusky

    Looking to Bring Momma Character to Life In Darkest Dungeon

    You read it right! For my next HUGE Commission batch instead of targeting multiple artists i'm looking for a Few. Or Single one to Work together and Create A Sprite Sheet for My Character Momma Jerbear! I have plenty of other references for This lovely Momma (Including a Full on Reference...
  2. iamthehusky

    Looking For Artists Who Love to Draw Thick Mommas!

    Hello everyone! Looking forward to working with you all again! This time i'm looking to have a few artists do a Pretty HUGE batch of coms of my Character Momma Jerbear! I can link plenty of other Lewder pictures for reference later on but i wont be able to post them here, lest i get another...
  3. iamthehusky

    Looking For Second Life Artist And Modeler to Make Fully New AV For My Character

    Hello Everyone! It's me again! But this time We are going BIG! What i am currently looking for now is an Extremely talented Modeler and SL Enthusiast to Bring my Character Momma Jerbear to life, with a Fully Customized Mesh Body That reflects her Shape PERFECTLY! Additional Pictures of my...
  4. iamthehusky

    Looking for a League of Legends Based Commission

    Hey there everyone! I'm back after my Hiatus of getting commissions to get another one from you lovelies! This one this time is going to involve my character Momma Jerbear! I have plenty more References as well of my character if anyone would love to check the gallery i will post here, be...
  5. iamthehusky

    Looking For Artists! Show Me What You Got!

    Last time i tried this it worked out really well! And i got so many talented cuties to Draw my character so imma do it again! Hello Hello! I'll cut to the chase and just get right to it! I'm looking for multiple artists to draw a few select pictures(Which most are going to consist of NSFW...
  6. iamthehusky

    Looking For Epic Artist!

    Hey there everyone! My names IAmTheHusky and i'm currently on the search for an artist who is willing to draw two illustrations for me. A 2-part commission where my character : I HAVE PLENTY MORE REFERENCE, BUT MOST OF IT IS NSFW SO I'D RATHER KEEP IT PRIVATE TO PROTECT THE EYES OF THE INNOCENT...