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  1. ArjunCFR

    Is There Another Way to Purchase Art?

    One day in the future I hope to buy art here on Furaffinity (specifically for my Fursona since I cannot draw well enough to make art of him myself), but at the moment, it's best if I don't use real money on anything online for awhile. I have been curious so I decided to ask, is there any other...
  2. heroicsquidget

    Anyone here can give me insight on how to make bank on niche fetishes related to furry art?

    I know, I know. There's no shortcut to success, the whole "furries are rich" trope is a meme and most of y'all are ordinary people. I really need the money. I dipped my toes into marketing myself by offering free art but all I got were followers waiting for said free art. I got a few commissions...
  3. Wheat-Meat

    Halloween Adopts for sale! 12 EUR each!

    Claim here! Ive put a lot of love into both of em, sooo...I hope someone will take em!
  4. NightcoreGamer

    Hiring: $10.00 - $35.00 (OBO.) Looking for first sona. Reference sheet. Owl/bird artists please!!

    Second update/edit: I have chosen two artists; thank you so much for offering to me. You're all talented and beautiful. I love you all. I hope to see you in the future!! If you wanna harass me in person here I am! Nightcore_Gamer_OwO#7073 Join the Sonder Gaming Discord Server! This is my...
  5. HYNMY

    HYNMY's Open Adoptables ! Starting at $5 - $20

    Hiya ! I'm hynmy , a disabled trans man trying to make art my full time career ! I have some pretty cheap designs that I'm sure you'll all love ! Please check them out and feel free to critique my art while you're on my page ! Adoptable Redesigns ( seen above ) - OTA Starting at $10 Mystery...
  6. Mommy.Vivi

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi Pixels [ animated ] $25

    Commissions open!! For my icons you can choose the: Speed Blink Holding - what the character is holding, two characters here have hearts and the other one has the Triforce. Outfits SFW/NSFW nudes Transparent or colored BG So =D These icons are $25 Or 35 for 2 icons You get a 200x200 and a...
  7. ArtsyPride

    Commissioners, What do you want in a commission?

    When you seek to commission art what are you mainly looking for? What style do you like more? Cartoon or Realism? Would you like the artist to have both styles available? How should communication go with the artist? Should they be friendly or straight to the point? Do you like to get updates...
  8. I

    Help Sirocco

    My friend Sirocco is critically endangered and I am starting a fundraiser to help his species recover. He lives in one of New Zealands wildlife sanctuaries and they are in constant need of support for food, supplies, and medicine. For every like this post gets, I will be donating $1 to the...
  9. birdbite

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: character for sale! $250-$350, comes w/hq plushie, 110+ pieces of art, more! accepting payment plans

    edit: took a vid and a few good pics of the plush! sta.sh: plush pics +vid i'm gonna go ahead and sell my character bone's old design! he had such a good run, but i've redesigned him and i would love if he would go to a great home that would use the design. he's worth a lot! i'm asking for...
  10. KingKaine

    Hiring: Character Reference Sheet (price range 120 $ - 180 $)

    Hello I'm Kainé I have quite a few commissions of my character but I don't have an actual reference sheet. That's been something I've been wanting to get done for a while now, I'm gonna add an image of him and you can always message me if you want more. But I'm looking for someone who can make a...
  11. Sinnamon-Queen

    [ ADOPT OPEN ]

    Hey everyone! I have this amazing oc to sell on FA! :D I really need the money so it would be amazing if any of you could help out! If you want to share it in a journal it would be amazing really! I'll give a free sketch to anyone who does! ♥ www.furaffinity.net: [ OC TO SELL / ADOPT ] Daphnee...
  12. Nihles

    Air Travel with Suit

    Suiters: when taking a plane ride to a con or somewhere, do you see people wearing their suit onto the plane to save luggage fees or is that impractical/illegal (covered face laws and all that)?
  13. D


    Help! My mom needs money to fix her car! I am doing commissions to help her pay for it, $10 for a full body, $5 for a waist up, $3 for background, and $2 for spray paint name!! ALL CUSTOM, TALK TO ME ON MY INSTAGRAM AT furryartopen!! Or call me at (346) 251-7534
  14. AustinB

    What would you do if you won a 50 million dollar lottery?

    No tax. No catch. No bullshit. You get every single dollar. It automatically gets transferred to your bank account (or somewhere else you’d like to store it). What do you do with it? Me personally, I would give 7 million to each of my parents, 6-8 million split between everyone else in the rest...
  15. chamomilespice

    (currently discounted!)Chamomile Commissions

    Hello all, I am chamomile! I am just poor college student looking for make an extra buck to pay school and life. Latest Work Example:
  16. GumiTheCarrot


    I have some adopts for auction, check them out! SB for each is $10. Lion : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Lion Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Cow : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cow Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Purple Red Panda : www.furaffinity.net...
  17. GritBat

    Funky, Affordable Cartoony Commissions!

    Soooo...! Let's try and see how well my cartoony style will do! With surgery coming up it's very important for me to try to make as much money as possible as I'm in rehab, so every commission will be greatly appreciated! If you think my style is interesting, don't hesitate to contact me via FA...
  18. S

    PayPal alternative???

    Hey guys! So I've been wanting to commission some art and stories for some extra pocket cash, but I have one problem... paypal. I really like it's interface, and a lot of the other features. I just really wouldn't like to connect it to my bank account and/or credit card. So, is there an...
  19. Rainbow Man

    Commissions Open: Sketch - $10.00

    Userpage of rainbowman -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Comment or private message your character reference. PayPal Email: BaronTremayneCaple@Gmail.com Example
  20. Biological-Solutions

    Clothing Designs/Adopts FOR SALE (OPEN)

    Clothing adopts for sale. PRICE $15 USD www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable: Clothing: 360 (OPEN) by Biological-Solutions PRICE: $15 USD www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable: Clothing: 359 (OPEN) Auction by Biological-Solutions ON SALE- PRICE: $12 USD 353 CLOSED 354 CLOSED www.furaffinity.net...