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  1. Snipernoah11

    Looking for Vore artist for commish 8 or 13 dollars

    Hey I'm wondering if there any Vore artist out there that can do me a commission for 8 dollars or 13 dollars....why those amounts cause I want a flat amount in my checkbook
  2. Seduce

    Selling Character CHEAP

    FOR EXACTLY $13 THROUGH PAYPAL! >>>> Sonya Curtis on Toyhouse <<<<
  3. braang

    Headshots: 5 for $5!

    Hi all! I'm Connor, and I'm selling 5 headshot drawings for $5 !! You can also order more than 5. The amount goes up $1 for each headshot you buy (so, 7 headshots is $7, etc). I can draw humans and animals for sure. Anything else, you can ask me about, and we can figure it out. These are...
  4. AlleycatIrony

    Updated Variety Commissions!

  5. Guin-Likes-Pens

    But the MONEY

    So I've got my eyes set on a partial suit that would cost around $2,100 from Made Fur You.. The only thing is that i only have $45. XD I know this is a very common problem, but I was wondering if any of you guys know some good ways to make cash. I would get a job, believe me, but I can't at the...
  6. Fireflyuh

    In need of 10$, I take sketches comms !

    Hello ! I actually need some muns and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in a sketch ! (can be NSFW) I also draw ponies ! ~ I'm new on FA so I'm gonna do my best ! >w< Thank you !
  7. ColdSoul

    $50 commission. 2 characters.

    Hello peeps! I am looking for someone to do a commission, even if it is just a sketch. The commission involves Kai from Kung fu panda 3 and a female dog character (which I designed). I want it to be sexy... but not over the top lol, tasteful you know. I have been hunting all over Furaffinity for...
  8. ColdSoul

    Wanted! Inexpensive, sexy commission

    Hi Peeps! I myself is a illustrator, but I also like to commission people too. I am looking to treat myself to a commission, unfortantly I do not have a lot of money as I have just graduated! Looking for a skilled artist to do a line art/sketch of a character of mine and Kai from...
  9. lilwane1312

    Hello everyfur!! Looking for somefur to comission me

    Im Night Swifty. young writer. full time furry . Part time crazy. so im looking to make money by writing a story for someone. im fine with any and all fetishes and prices range from $5-$20 depending on length and due date. If interested PM me here or email me at lilwane1312@gmail.com. If your...
  10. Y

    furries and humans! 5$ SKETCH 8$ COLOR!(sfw)

    hi, i'm new xD -i can draw nudes (; -commissions will be a little more polished than this examples xD -paypal: camfa143@gmail.com -reference on image pls! thanks!
  11. A

    Street Sharks fan art contest, $100 prize

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this Send us your fake Street Sharks fan art, win a $100 ThinkGeek gift card | News | Geek.com
  12. Kioskask

    If you had a Million Pounds/Dollars...

    Right, I'm really bored so I shall post this. If you had a million pounds/your currency equivalent, what would you do with it?
  13. Simo

    The world's oldest profession: Should prostitution be legal?

    I've pondered this before, but having moved to Baltimore, where you see a lot of it, it dawned on me, the laws are not doing a whole lot to stop it. Living in most any big city, you see prostitution going on all the time illegally, sometimes more visibly, sometimes more secretly (DC). It just...
  14. Angellothefox

    Hi it is me again. Is there any UK furs here?

    Now the last free art I asked for someone made for me thank you very much :) But now here is the next question I will ask? Is there any UK furs here? If the answers yes lets narrow it down a bit Is there any Leedsfurs? If the answer is no still stick around:D If the answer is yes then here...
  15. Leinad Obtrebla

    Alternative Payment Service

    Hi all, it's been a while. I was wondering if any commission-taker have ever considered using Facebook's money transfer service to send and receive money? I have been debating this with an artist friend of mine for a while and would like a general fandom opinion. Paypal's as "transaction...