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monster boy

  1. Flins

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ADOPT Monster Boyfriend

    ✦Water Snake Adoptable - $70! A cold snake with a warm soul (Temptation feat. rebecca arash) Adopt+NSFW art. - payment via Boosty! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47047646/
  2. carnivorouspriest

    Hiring: LF artists who can draw beefy monsters/dainty human men. SFW&NSFW ($150/piece)

    Hello hello! I'd like to get a lot of couple art done for a friend and I, along with a lot of single pieces for my friend as well. The only problem is finding an artist who's comfortable with drawing both of our characters, as their body types are drastically different. One is pretty human in...
  3. FurFurSha

    ChibiChibiSha's Adoptables/Ych's [Open]

    Adoptables Goo monsters www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Goo designs [OPEN] by FurFurSha (Or here! Octopus Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes Crystal Gem Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes Lava Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes ) Street Fashion Boys www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Street Fashion...
  4. KaePotassium

    (AUCTION) Demon Adoptable

    Trying out opening this adoptable auction and see if it goes well so I can make more of them. - You can do whatever you want with the adoptable once it's yours. - I will note you a copy of the image without the watermark once you have paid for the adoptable. - Auction ends 48 hours after last...
  5. sleepycryptid

    Custom Character Design Sheets (Can be NSFW)

    Would anyone be interested in buying a character reference sheet (like this one) for around $40? The price is pretty negotiable based on content. I'd also be willing to design a character for you (ie you give me a basic idea and I come up with the design for it) and create a NSFW reference for...
  6. oh-sehet

    Check out my recent entries? :D

    Hello!! ^^ I usually go by ghostbbones but here i use an old name oh-sehet. I'm kind of new here, and I say kind of because i've been here since jan 2015 and pretty inactive since then XDDD so i've just returned and back for good :D MY FA + MY PATREON + MY TUMBLR + MY NSFW BLOG Check out...