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monster girls

  1. monomonoai

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Selling SFW/NSFW/Fetish sketch comms!

    I'm opening sketch commissions starting at $15. Simple color/shading is $20 and additional characters are extra. Most fetishes okay, won't do guro/gore and scat/smells/etc and anything problematic. I will not draw males or mecha/robotic characters. Some examples are below, DM me for more...
  2. PercyD

    Sketchbook: [Streaming Offline] PercyD's Art Diary 2020--

    Eyo! For those who may be unfamiliar, my name is PercyD and I've been drawing for a long ass time. |DD ... I am a part time artist, an owner artist of an artist cooperative and we just finished up an Iron Artist Challenge that was very productive for me! I decided to change up my art schedule...
  3. Kryanari

    Artist new to the community.

    Hello! I launched this identity around August last year. I built a little following on Twitter and made a profile on DA. I got into Monster Girl art and that rose my curiosity to Anthro art. Then I found FA and now I'm here trying to make some friends, both artist and non-artist! Most of my art...
  4. R

    (Commission) Selling: art commissions, sfw or nsfw, refined sketches/colored $75-$100

    Hello all! I've got 5 slots available for full-body commissions available this month (Nov-Dec). $75 for refined line art $100 for color with basic shading. I'm happy to do both SFW and tasteful NSFW! Also, I can do humans as well as anthros. Since my commission sheet has a pin-up that is...
  5. MeeMoe

    Open Commission! SFW / NSFW ($USD 15.00 - $USD 25.00)

    You can check my works here :) Userpage of MeeMoe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. illuminaughtySeesAll

    The Brown Eyed Beast The Rescue 01 (comic)

    A new comic is being released in our online store. The new issue showcases some monster girl content and serious female domination. If the comic does well we may just make a sequel to it. This comic is for +18 and up only All sales are final. Please do not redistribute, repost, or edit...
  7. ryuredwings

    Commissions for a Vet Bill!

    Hey all! So, I normally don't do commissions a whole lot, but at the moment, I'm in a bit of a bind! A few weeks ago, my mom found a very sweet and fluffy kitty cat wandering around (you can see a pic of him here!), and after visiting with the little guy, my husband and I decided to take him in...
  8. F

    Male character seeks strong Female Character for long term romantic RP 18+

    I do not care what sex/gender/etc you happen to be, only that you can competently play an aggressive strong female. Romance and falling in love are going to be part of the RP. Conflict in their situation that would push them apart. Bravery, Kissing, Hugging, massages, and all the more intimate...
  9. ScruffOfChampions

    Commissions Open! Digital Art (SFW, NSFW), Pixelart and more!

    OPENING SPECIAL!! $5 OFF THE FIRST TWO COMMISSION ORDERS IN THIS THREAD! Thank you so much for your interest in my commission work! Check out my FA portfolio! I'll also post the prices below: Safe For Work commissions: Bust: Monochrome (shaded) $10 Color (flat) $20 Color (shaded) $25...