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monster hunter

  1. LoveDeluxe

    (Commission) Selling: 2 Monster Hunter Style Icon Slots Available, 1-2 day turnaround

    I’m opening 2 slots this weekend for Monster Hunter style icons! $50 USD each, payment through Ko-fi. Quick turnaround, 1-2 days. Dragons & other mythical creatures only please!
  2. PC Master Race

    Monster Hunter but it's Borderlands ?

    Hey there folks, I'm thinking of a Monster Hunter -ish RP where the main targets are those big bad dragon (or wyvern, whatevs) monsters. Although, the "gameplay mechanic" (?) would be similar to Borderlands, in that you need to keep your distance, stay on your feet, take cover and do other...
  3. Z

    Monster Hunter based fursonas?

    I hope everyone is doing well. I'm curious to know if there are any FA groups of Monster Hunter fursonas. Currently i'm developing my own. She's a Zinogre. If you have a MonHun OC i'd love to see them! <3
  4. Z

    Working on a mural, show me your traditional art as well!

    So for a couple of days i've been working on and off on this mural. It's a self portrait along with my favorite monster from Monster Hunter. I need to work on his horns more, like add the details and such. Later on i'll work on constructing a switch axe to go hung up on the wall. Mediums ...
  5. MeeMoe

    Open Commission! SFW / NSFW ($USD 15.00 - $USD 25.00)

    You can check my works here :) Userpage of MeeMoe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. O

    Monster Hunter NSFW TF RP

    I decided to make a different thread based on Monster Hunter for a NSFW rp than the one I already have up, if you were confused by my other TF rp thread, though of course I'm still fine with Monster Hunter there anyway. Anyways, is anyone up for a NSFW Transformation rp featuring Monster Hunter...
  7. O


    I'm looking for someone to rp with in a NSFW transformation roleplay, centered around humans transforming into animals, who can also do the same to humans. I'm fine with all fetishes, species (Fictional ones are fine too), and genders, although I lean toward m/m and like semi-hyper. I'm fine...
  8. Ashke

    Monster Hunter World

    Anyone as excited for this as I am? I've played the beta twice and it is immersive, beautiful, and downright fun in how challenging it is. Plus some old favorites return like Rathalos and Diablos.
  9. Aradea

    Monster Hunter Group?

    we got any furry fans of Monster Hunter out there? I been a fan of it for over 10 years now and played it back when it was the first game on the PS2. I was looking around FA and couldn't find a Monster Hunter Group Page and felt little side because it would be a lot of fun to find more furry...
  10. P

    MH Gen Team ups?

    Hello one and all, first time post here in the forums but anyways im here to look for other furs that may be playing Monster Hunter Generations and want other furries to play with as well. I was kinda surprised no one else has put up anything yet for the game since its been out a couple weeks...
  11. SafKeesh

    Any Monster Hunter fans?

    WIP of a speedpaint, if you recognise this i shall BOW DOWN TO YOU FOREVER. PRAAAAAAISE THIS PUMPING GAME!
  12. SafKeesh


    Hello hello hello NICE TO MEET YOU! I go by the name Saffron Keesh here, it's a character i made up in the past and i've used her name since then, but my IRL name goes along the lines of Gabby-Gabrielle (◡‿◡✿) I do artwork as a hobby, been doing speedpaints, traditional, painting, digital...