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  1. G

    (Other) Selling: Traditional 9x12 pinup Auction (SB:$5)

    This is my first auction here so I'm going to start small with a 9x12 on pinup on Bristol board. Starts 11/2/19 Ends: 12/1/19 Noon time Eastern SB: $5 USD Min: $1 USD AB: None at the moment Bids from $5-$20 include single character waist up, no background (+Shipping) Bids from $25-$40...
  2. K1ND

    (Commission) Selling: $20 USD Each Critter Commissions +$5 for phone backgrounds!

    Hello all! K1ND here, I am opening up some fall/winter commissions! I’m offering doodle commissions of animals/ferals/creatures/monsters. Each doodle will be fullbody and transparent (.png)! Extras: I can make phone/tablet backgrounds out of an animal for an extra $5! I also have a...
  3. Beaknose

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Inks Commissions (30-50+ USD) CLOSED

    Hello! I've sold a few times on here before and I decided to try again after staying away for a bit. I tend to work with digital ink, specifically in Clip Studio Paint. My style tends to be reminiscent of old comic from what I've told, or has a gritty, grungy feel. I utilize paypal invoices for...
  4. W

    Beastly iterate rp anyone?? (NSFW)(Kinky)

    Hey folks!!! I'm a big guy of no particular persuasion... although I do enjoy playing as anything mean, rugged, or just plain wild. The rp I have in mind is pretty open for changes, but I enjoy anything Human x Fur or just regular old Fur x Fur. The plot will be smut focused, and based around a...
  5. M.Rockatansky

    (Base/YCH) Selling: HQ HALLOWEEN YCH [now: demon wolf] SB 40EUR

    It's that time of the year and since one of my specialities is that darker, realistic style I thought it's the perfect season for a Halloween YCH! Here's what you get: - Realistic / semi-realistic style artwork - Demon dog / wolf with bat wings - Canine or similar species - but practically...
  6. D

    Critique: please

    I have no clue what to color this thing. I've been touching on blue, but likeeee.... I'm just not at all confident in my decisions. I've only recently begun coloring. I'm also wondering what do you all think about this piece in general? Here's the thing without color... I'm a little iffy on...
  7. DownyFox

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopt auction SB: 10$ Mi: 1$ AB: 150$

    Hey. There is an auction here! www.furaffinity.net: Adopt auction [open] by DownyFox or here www.deviantart.com: Adopt auction #3 [open] www.furaffinity.net: Adopt auction #2 [open] by DownyFox
  8. Doodle Bunny

    (Painting) Candle Buddy or Sir Buttons?

    I’m going to turn one into a painting next week. Which one shall it be, furs? Here are the choices: Candle Buddy: Sir Buttons: Cast your vote!
  9. Randalieren

    Hiring: Looking for NSFW Stuff.

    So, I'm just trying to get familiar in the area to see which artists I like. I'm not going to hire immediately (because I'm not in a hurry really lele) but I do want to look to get an idea of what I'd like! Basic requirements: Must be okay with some kinks (nothing really extreme that exceeds...
  10. FurFurSha

    ChibiChibiSha's Adoptables/Ych's [Open]

    Adoptables Goo monsters www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Goo designs [OPEN] by FurFurSha (Or here! Octopus Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes Crystal Gem Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes Lava Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes ) Street Fashion Boys www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Street Fashion...
  11. Cloudi

    Commissions are open, starting at £6 ($8) Anthro/Furries and Humanoids SFW/NSFW

    Hi all, I'm Cloudikitsune I've recently starting offering commissions on FA and DA and currently have 2/3 slots open! My commission pricing sheet is seen below. Painting prices are for busts, if you would like a bigger piece done I charge based on time involved and character complexity. More...
  12. PinkWisp

    Monsters for Sale!

    Update 11/28: Putting these guys on commiss.io! Minotaur is $20 Made these guys for practice and wondering if anyone here would want them! Naga: CLOSED Minotaur now $20: OPEN: Four Armed Minotaur by PinkWisp - Commiss.io Spidertaur now $30: OPEN Spidertaur Adoptable by PinkWisp - Commiss.io...
  13. LadyLyreBird

    Spooky Scary Halloween Special Sale!

    Through the month of October, I will having my annual monster sale. Get your character re-designed into a spooky monster for just $40 for a color, full body image. Results will be painted in this style: www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Monster Portrait - LadyLyreBird by ladylyrebird This...
  14. KaePotassium

    (AUCTION) Demon Adoptable

    Trying out opening this adoptable auction and see if it goes well so I can make more of them. - You can do whatever you want with the adoptable once it's yours. - I will note you a copy of the image without the watermark once you have paid for the adoptable. - Auction ends 48 hours after last...
  15. LadyLyreBird

    2D and 3D High Quality Digital Art Commissions

    Hello! I am an experienced artist with a wide range of commission offerings at reasonable prices. I do Digital Painting as well as 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, and rigging. My 3D models can be implemented in games, including Second Life. I can handle any character type, human, anthro...
  16. roido

    Draw my bf's oc

    The oc in question! Neck, cheeks, and stomachs are translucent, long tongue, fangs, galaxy isn't consistent, anything else you need lmk, can't find an artist I wanna see draw them so trying this~! ^^^ got colors from there!
  17. oatsandotters

    Selling some Monster Furs (3/3 available)

    I've got quite a few charas that need homes! Buyer will get the full image/ownership. For now I'm posting these: $15 $25 $10
  18. dragoncat-senpai

    Digital Commissions 2018 by Dragoncat-Senpai

    Dragoncat-senpai@deviantart, tumblr, and furaffinity Hey Ny'all! I'm delighted to finally debut my new commission setup! I have plans to expand to traditional and pixel art soon, but for now I'm offering eight types of digital commission! I also have new, easy to use forms for ordering! I hope...
  19. Lapinpire

    Monster Maw Adopts 10USD

    So first of all, I'm so sorry for the lame handwriting. Most of the rules are in the submission. Drooly Teeth Adopts: Click Here For Art ~ Teeth belong to a mystery monster, think of it like egg adopts. (you may request a type. Ie- reptile, bird, mammal, etc. Otherwise these are experimental...
  20. P

    Monster Hunter World Squads (Team up with other furs)

    Hey~! Surprised no one has posted this yet! :o In Monster Hunter world you can create and join squads to be able to group up and hunt together. So why not make some furry squads and join some like minded individuals who love hunting monsters (or being hunted by monsters ;P) So chat it up on here...