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  1. Baalf

    Anyone interested in an RP staring giant monsters?

    Been wanting to do this for a few days. I remember watching a trailer for the newest Monster Hunter game, and looked at all the cool monsters in the game. It all looked completely... shallow. The Monster Hunter franchise always kind of reminded me of the kind of things I play games to get away...
  2. Ciderfine

    A button

    If you could splice peoples Oc's on here to have monster traits would you? Imagine a world with monsters but they are kind of anthro. Yah or niegh?
  3. furpes

    Headshot Commissions are open!!

    hey gang!!! im opening up for commissions since i can use a bit of money theyre $15 a pop, and i can add decorative paper to make it a badge at no cost!! examples
  4. Ashke

    Secret World Legends

    The Lovecraftian MMO The Secret World recently went free to play and became Secret World Legends. Since then, a lot of my RP friends have stopped playing it. Any fans of it around that RP? I really want to get back into it but being on my own hasn't been the greatest.
  5. P

    Monster/Creature Adopts (auction until Jan. 31st)

    www.furaffinity.net: monster creature adopts (auction) by paarker bidding will take back from now until January 31st. After that they will be sold at a flat price of 5$ you can bid here or on the post for them! Only USD will be accepted. feel free to message me with any questions or comments!
  6. Darkam

    3D model printable little monster project

    Hello, I have a little personal project : make a 3D print of my character called “Darkam”. So I’m looking for a 2D&3D artist. The goal is to have a “STL” file at the end (3D model optimized for a 3D printer). I would like to make some modifications / evolutions on the actual version of...
  7. lichcrow

    Noodle Son Adoptables [EDIT: MORE NOODLES]

    Selling six of my closed species Noodle Sons! Prices range from $5-20 and are listed in images, payment thru paypal, message me if you're interested! Click the images for more info, and consider giving me a watch! EDIT: #1 on image 2 is taken and #2 on image 3 is taken!
  8. sleepycryptid

    [OPEN] Closed Species Monster Adopts

    These are Koba, a closed species! Each is $25 or you can commission me for one of your own. Buyer will get the un-watermarked image and have all rights to the character. Message me if you’re interested. These guys are highly adaptable and able to survive almost anywhere. They all originate from...
  9. sleepycryptid

    Custom Character Design Sheets (Can be NSFW)

    Would anyone be interested in buying a character reference sheet (like this one) for around $40? The price is pretty negotiable based on content. I'd also be willing to design a character for you (ie you give me a basic idea and I come up with the design for it) and create a NSFW reference for...
  10. Cooleoptera

    Nucleo's Monster Design Shop (USD, OTA-ish)

    Hi everyone!! After testing the waters with selling a couple of designs individually, I thought it was about time for me to sit down and actually open a design shop!! Pricing is still a little challenging for me, so I'm leaving these all up as OTAs...however I have the right to decline an offer...
  11. Kantex

    Charater Acution: Riot

    The character up for aution is Riot, he comes with 6 peices of artwork (5 of which is done by me) The sarting bid is $10 AUD and you can bid over at the journal entry here: www.furaffinity.net: Character auction! -- SageSheep's Journal Once the auction is complete payment will be upfront and...
  12. junkverse

    Digital Commissions (starting at $25)

    hello, hello! I'm Zack, a digital artist that specializes in dragons, dinosaurs, and body horror with an emphasis on teeth and/or eyeballs! I'm currently open for sketch and illustration commissions, and would be happy to serve your artistic needs. You can see my pricing and terms of use here...
  13. princesstool

    Monster Humanoid Adopts For Sale

    Hello I have a few designs I'm trying to sell. This is my first time doing this in a format like this so apologies if it's a bit sloppy u3u 1. cute succubus (open) 2. fire imp (open) 3. fluffy lizard (open) 4. shark monster (open) price: $10 usd payment method: paypal After payment...
  14. lycheefreeze


    #3 is available ^^^^ vvvvvPLEASE COMMENT HERE vvvvvv www.furaffinity.net: [Draw to Own] Manemutt Batch 2 by lycheefreeze (#3)
  15. Trioza

    Dragon Design Auction!

    Hello everyone! I have one dragon, who is looking for new home. Please, check out my auction :) www.furaffinity.net: Dragon Design Auction #3 [OPEN] by Trioza
  16. Zel_____

    I created an anthro style guide for my art. What do you think?

    I created this style guide since at cons most people ask me to draw furries, but my best art is in the more animal and wild styles. But it can be hard to communicate what I'm drawing when people have different ideas about what anthro or feral mean, so I made this guide using my own art and...
  17. mechanicalrain

    YCH Monster/Tentacle NSFW 3 Slots

    Hey guys! I've got a new YCH up for those who are interested, featuring monster + tentacles + your character! VERY NSFW Rules; * Any gender * Must be bipedal * No Hyper * Any species, furry or human * Bidders must be 18+, character may be 15+ Bidding starts at 50$ USD. Auction ends in ONE...
  18. Zel_____

    10 monster bunny adoptables for sale!

    Hello all! I've created 10 awesome, adorable, monstrous, bunny-ish things that you can adopt and call your own. They're each in a ladder option, so you can snag them as-is for as low as $10, or add whatever customizations you want for up to $35. If you like my art style but aren't sure about...
  19. Taxidermatitis

    Fish Kelpie Adoptables

    hi!! i whipped up some betta fish kelpies inspired by my own fish, and i'd like to sell them because i don't really use non-human characters (shame on me!) anyway here they are! $20 EACH SOLD NEW???? MORAY EEL!!!! if youre interested post here saying so or PM me ! paypal only please!
  20. Tapeworm


    payment upfront please will draw almost any species will also draw some weird furry stuff ( if you’re curious as to which, ask. i’m trying to keep this post sfw) if you have any other questions feel free to ask i won’t bite your hand off if you want to claim a spot for them, email me at...