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  1. bomo

    Commissions + Adoptables - painted & lineart!

    Hello! I'm Bo, a freelance illustrator who loves sci-fi, horror, monsters and animals. I haven't taken commissions here previously (so let me know if this isn't how things are done here), but I have a solid track record in being fast and friendly and working to a high standard, including working...
  2. Skull Beast

    Draw my lil Beastie? Monstersona Request

    Hello! I've thought up a design for a new character, one to actually represent myself and be my secondary(or even main) sona. I'm looking for someome to draw a fullbody sketch of her, just a simple flat colored one. It could be rough cause I'm just trying to get an idea for her but I can't find...
  3. oh-sehet

    Check out my recent entries? :D

    Hello!! ^^ I usually go by ghostbbones but here i use an old name oh-sehet. I'm kind of new here, and I say kind of because i've been here since jan 2015 and pretty inactive since then XDDD so i've just returned and back for good :D MY FA + MY PATREON + MY TUMBLR + MY NSFW BLOG Check out...
  4. O

    RP Idea

    Hello everyone, I have been wanting to do a rp idea for a while, and it might sound odd, but I think it would be cute and fun. I am a fan of the original generation of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and they have faced, and defeated evil every time they came up against the monsters and...
  5. oh-sehet

    RARE EGG Galaxy Mask Auction (ENDS:1 week)

    SB: $20 (BID INCREASE: $5 USD) AB: TBD HB: NONE YET ENDS WITHIN: October. 6, 2016 TO BID CLICK HERE FINISHED VERS WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS(except more detailed because these are regular eggs and this one is a RARE AUCTION EGG!! ^^ not set price like these: Process: . I will message...
  6. P

    MH Gen Team ups?

    Hello one and all, first time post here in the forums but anyways im here to look for other furs that may be playing Monster Hunter Generations and want other furries to play with as well. I was kinda surprised no one else has put up anything yet for the game since its been out a couple weeks...
  7. BananaLizard

    Feral Art from BananaLizard

    Welcome! I'm guessing if you are here, you're interested in what I can do~ Awesome. I've got it relatively organized, so please read through at your leisure~ [About Me and How I Work] I am a self-taught artist. I didn't take any classes (save for one "digital imaging class" in high school in...
  8. fandomworldslove


    hi guys im new with the furry stuff but have been drawing for like couple years now and got recently active again, would be fun to do an art trade etc so drop a reply here and we´ll get this shit started : ))
  9. DuckyDeathly

    Affordable Cartoony/Anime Commissions

    Hi everyone ~ My name is Ducky. I'm new around here! I wanted to spread my commissions around! I am able to draw humans, anthros/furries, monsters, and other fantasy creatures! More details are located here on my deviantart, but i'll post the info here as well for easy access. Sketch Base...
  10. mochimoth

    $20 Custom Charm and Sticker Commissions

    Hey there! I’m opening up CUSTOM STICKER and CHARM COMMISSIONS! If interested, all you have to do is email me at owlieclawdraws@gmail.com and fill in the lines below. More detailed info about stickers/charms here. FOR: [your name/url commissioning me] PAYPAL EMAIL: [I use paypal invoice to...