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  1. KestrelOwl

    GorgoN ChambeR X: Grim Genesis (ZodiA WavE Part 1) (A Furry Cosmic Horror Shonen)

    Released the first episode yesterday! Set to release new major episodes monthly, but I plan on posting little bonus episodes to expand the story and world weekly. Any and all support is appreciated at the start of the comic's run, plan on making this my main gig now. Hope you EnjoY ThE ShoW!
  2. I

    What is your birthstone?

    Use this chart for reference and let us all know what your birthstone is. EZ PZ I was born in May so mine is the emerald
  3. RomieTears

    How would you prefer web comics to be updated?

    I'm a fan of a few web comics and mangas, and I've also been planning a few of my own. I have a question regarding comic updates! Do you prefer 1 page a week updates? 1 chapter a month (more or less) updates? Something else? Personally, I'll read a few comics at a time, leave them alone, and...