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  1. Xitheon

    Johnny the F**KING Homicidal Maniac

    I discovered this delicious skinny thing when I was around 12-13 years old, back in the days of Invader Zim. I have reservations about admitting this but I have at certain phases in my life kept an imaginary version of him in my head who follows me around making witty and inspirational comments...
  2. Sultz Z. Wolf

    Furry Cons in Baltimore

    One of the one things I would really love to see is a furry con to be held in The Baltimore Convention Center where BronyCon is held in, but I was saddened when Fur The More move to Tyson's Corner, Virginia which is near Washington DC. Why did Fur The More move from Baltimore to Tyson's Corner...
  3. dogryme6

    To Redesign an Old Fursona

    Let's say you have an old character you want to bring back. In this case it's my Dacutter. He used to be a Werehog, but then, well, I never had him do anything with his stretchy arms, and nobody needs more crappy fan characters that are always under the shadow of the copyright hammer of doom...