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  1. Crayons Are Snacks

    The Motivation Thread: What are your goals today?

    TLDR: This is a thread for people to post their daily goal(s) so that they can have a support system/cheering section to help them accomplish those goals. THE LONG VERSION: Hey hey! So I have been struggling with depression for a long time, and I know that a lot of lovely people here also...
  2. J

    Artists of Fur Affinity: what motivates you, specifically?

    Basically, my question can be divided down like this: - Out of all the aspects of feedback that one can receive on one's art (viewcounts, favourites, watches, positive/negative comments, retweets/reblogs/other forms of sharing, financial compensation like from Patreon or Kofi or other similar)...
  3. Lobie5

    I love animating, but I lost my drive for it. Help?

    If anybody out here is an animator—how do you finish an animation/animatic without completely running out of steam 10% of the way through, leaving it unfinished forever? I used to love doing it, but now it's impossible to make anything longer than 2 seconds.
  4. xremeidiot

    Trouble Getting the Words Down

    I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in an RP (which is once in a blue moon), I’m able to write hundreds of words per post, with over a thousand over the course of a day. However, when I’m trying to write some fiction on my own, I can barely get a couple hundred a week. Why am I so prolific when I’m...
  5. H


    Ok, this one is bit embarassing for me as I am not used to ask people for help. I have a problem with a motivation, I draw badly, I can create stories without any problem but one picture is worth thousand words. I try to draw but when I see how many artists can draw beautifuly I just get...
  6. Ratchetjak

    Do you ever feel like giving up on Art?

    I mean personally, I don't think I'll ever stop drawing because I've been doing it for so long and I do enjoy it but sometimes I just look around at other artists and see how fast they improve and get feedback on their work and then I look at my own work and I can't help but feel that I'm...
  7. real time strategist

    Ways to motivate yourself

    What are some ways you use to motivate yourself? For a example I have a rule that every time I complete something in my game (maps, fix major bug, enemy, etc) I can use one (or add another to save up) dollar that I can to do whatever I want with. (Not gaining money just allowing myself to use my...
  8. PrettyKitty13

    Staying Focused and Motivated

    Hey everyone! I was wondering, what are some ways you may stay focused and motivated when creating art? How does that change in certain situations? For example, let's say you have x amount of commissions to finish and your queue has gotten too large to handle? What about when you're working on...