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moveable jaw

  1. Zehlua

    Hiring: Looking for a Partial Fursuit Maker!

    I'm looking to get a partial toony or semi-toony fursuit (head, arms, handpaws, and tail) of this character: www.furaffinity.net: Zehlua Ref by Zehlua This includes a moving jaw, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, and claws. I need a maker who is willing to communicate clearly and honestly with...
  2. Skakuna

    Tips plz?

    So, today I started making my very first fursuit. Here you can see the resoults of the first day of making: So, except of symethry that needs fixing... Any thoughts so far? Any tips or something? Also, what does it look like to you? I mean, I was aiming at a dog, but I'm not sure if you can see...
  3. J

    Fursuit w/ moving jaw slips

    I bought a head (dk if it would count as furry but it works till I can afford a nice one or make one) anyways it has a movable jaw that works fine but anytime I move it the top of the mask slides up my forehead it has a strap from the front of the mask that goes around the head but it doesn't...