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  1. Beatle9

    Drew this after seeing Get Out

    I don't normally draw, but after a combination of seeing the horror/comedy Get Out and a particularly stressful day at work, I made this thing a while back, based on the face on all promotional material for the movie: I know it's not that good, but I had fun drawing it, and it was pretty...
  2. O

    Furry movie cost of production?

    I'm trying to fund a few short preview scenes for my furry movie idea to catch the eye of some investors. The preview will feature a scene where the raccoon accuses the wolf of being racist while he assures her that he only called her a thief because she stole from the dragon. The dragon assures...
  3. TidesofFate

    Legendary Entertainment acquires rights to Dune

    So Legendary Entertainment has the film and television rights to Dune now. Adaptation of the first Dune book #3, 2nd adaptations 2nd and 3rd books, and first times beyond those here we go. Assuming they get that far. I've read the book, watched the David Lynch movie, and saw the miniseries...
  4. B

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    (Spoiler Alert: We talk about movies and spoil their endings!) I saw Edward Scissorhands yesterday. It was alright: I did really warm up to Edward as a character, though I didn't get emotional as I thought I would. His character design is pretty excellent and did a good job at communicating...
  5. M

    [FANART] StarFox: Commencement (80's Styled Movie Poster)

    www.furaffinity.net: [FANART] StarFox: Commencement (80's Styled Movie Poster) by Malcolm_Deer The art is on FA. Let me know what you think!
  6. Parafrosyni

    Marvel: Team Cap or Team Iron Man??

    Why are my fellow furries cheering for? Tell me your opinions! If there are spoilers, please remember to label them!
  7. Jason Forestfox

    What's your favourite Zootopia character?

    As the title says. My favourite is Nick Wilde, because he's really cute and witty :D
  8. FurryComputerNerd

    Batman v Superman Thread [Spoilers?]

    Not really fandom related but I felt it needed to be done. Please note that this thread is NOT mod created nor endorsed. Batman v Superman is slotted for release today on March 25th, 2016. Recently saw the movie and want to discuss it somewhere? Consider this your sounding board for exactly...