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  1. N

    Sequel fanfic to an old animated movie

    Hello. Yes, I'm recommending a fanfic from over 10 years ago in the FA forums because it's actually an anthro mouse fanfic, but do you guys remember the 1990s film "The Nutcracker Prince"? If you don't, then maybe the fanfic would either introduce you to or help you remember it. It's called "The...
  2. Vanessa Howl

    The "Dinosaurs Are Cool" Thread

    Dinosaurs are cool. I know this. You know this. Let's talk about it. What is your fave dinosaur? What is your fave movie about dinosaurs? What is your fave NOT movie about dinosaur? Do you have a dinosaur fursona and if so, who are they and what are they all about? Dinosaurs are cool SO...
  3. palta_aguacate

    Favorite movies with car chases ? (80s edition)

    I know it's a overdone and cliché thing, but what is your favorite movie from the 80s with car chases ?
  4. Crayons Are Snacks

    Movies that traumatized you as a kid

    I’ll go first: Gremlins. I watched it when I was 6 and slept in my parents’ room for a week.
  5. Nexus Cabler

    Body Horror

    My absolute favorite category of horror is the use of practical or digital effects in creating a terrifying creature or villain that emits shock from visual appearance. Some prominent and well deserved examples include John Carpenter's The Thing, Clive Barkers Hellraiser, Ridley Scotts alien...
  6. Nexus Cabler

    Actors/Actresses You Like

    Let's archive our favorite movie figures on the big screen and television. I'd like to start with a few of my favorites -Elijah Wood -Eddy Murphey -Samuel Jackson -Keanu Reeves -Jack Black -Sigourney Weaver -Carrie-Anne Moss
  7. D

    clichés in movies you don't like

    If you have seen a lot of films, you will know many examples you can share here. This can be from any movie genre, about any overused concept or element you find irritating.
  8. M

    What was worse?

    The real question for the ages.
  9. D

    Zootopia, yay or nay?

    Hey y'all, so I've heard from people who both like and dislike this movie, and I want to ask, what do you think? did you like it or dislike it, and why? personally I loved it, probably because I like modern animation and it was the first furry movie I saw which was made in that style. plus I...
  10. Raever

    Simplified Media [aka Tldr; media version]

    How the game works: Make a tldr (too long didn't read) version of any piece of media you like, try to keep it (relatively/loosely) accurate while still being amusing to the rest of us. For example... Romeo & Juliet Two dumb teenagers fall in love and make a suicide pact because their parents...
  11. B

    Furry Movie Titles

    Here is a game where we all alter the names of movies to make them more furry-esque. For example: Instead of "Billy Madison", let's call it "Filly Madison"! Instead of "Amusement", why not call it "A-mew-sment"? Instead of "The Wizard of Oz", how about "The Lizard of Pawz"?
  12. ZoeyKitten

    Favorite scary movie that isn’t horror?

    So having just watched San Andreas and being more terrified than when I watched many horror films I began wondering if other people/creatures/whatever you like to be called got scared by a non horror film before.
  13. C

    Favorite Christmas movie

    Christmas is almost here, so how about we get in the holiday spirit by sharing our favorite Christmas movies One of my favorites is Tokyo Godfathers This movie tells the story of three homeless persons who during Christmas night happen to find a baby amongst the trash. They decide to look...
  14. AzureKiteUsagi

    What movie(s) have you seen countless times and why?

    For me, my top three movies that I've watched so many times that I can't keep count anymore are: 1. Sweeney Todd - I LOVE the score and lyrics of this film (and musical). I hadn't intended on watching it from the day it came out until last year just because I thought musicals weren't my...
  15. pupsicle-c

    What's Your Favorite Kind of Genre?

    I'm mostly curious about movies, television shows, and short films. What kind of genre is most likely to catch your eye? Mystery? Horror? Romance? Action/Thriller(s)? Fantasy/Sci-Fi? I personally am a huge sucker for Romance and Mystery, with a side of Action/Thriller and maybe a dash of Horror!
  16. gabbo13

    Are there any filmmakers in this fandom?

    About The Fandom documentary on YouTube and the feature film about the origins and the acceptance of the furry fandom, and the hype for the first Furry Film Festival, I just wonder if there are people who work on the industry or independent/freelance, and if there's any project to show and share...
  17. bluezcherry

    Last line of your fave movie?

    Mine is *looooong gasp* Bonus points if you can guess the movie of the person above you... ;)
  18. mareenaicefin

    Nicolas Cage - Genius or Madman?

    Watching this youtube video got me thinking: What is your opinion on Nic Cage? Honestly I am going with genius. I've seen him in some films where he was brilliant (including the meme ones) I love most of his work, and let's be honest, every actor out there has there bad ones too and Nic Cage...
  19. I

    Zombie Apocalypse

    In the rare scenario that zombies to come be it in the form of a evil spell or horrible virus, how prepared are you? Do you have a plan? Are you armed? What weapons would you use to fight off the undead fiends when they start walking (or sprinting) among us? Share advice and ideas or just post...
  20. SirGavintheFurred

    What's your favorite Movie and TV show?

    Title says it all! What is your favorite movie and/or TV show? You can have more than one! Here are mine! My favorite movie is easily Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! Everything about it was awesome! The Hoth battle with the AT-ATs and the Snowspeeders, everything on Cloud City, and Luke's...