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moving jaw

  1. Zehlua

    Hiring: Looking for a Partial Fursuit Maker!

    I'm looking to get a partial toony or semi-toony fursuit (head, arms, handpaws, and tail) of this character: www.furaffinity.net: Zehlua Ref by Zehlua This includes a moving jaw, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, and claws. I need a maker who is willing to communicate clearly and honestly with...
  2. skekIde

    Question: Moving Jaw without Fur?

    Hello everybody! This is my first time using the forums, so I apologize if I make any mistakes! Anyways, I recently posted on the /r/furry subreddit, but since posts can be buried easily over there, I thought I would crosspost over here and get some advice from you guys ^^ I tried to put as much...
  3. S

    (Commission) Selling: Snarly Hyena Partial Fursuit Auction

    I have an auction up on The Dealers Den here: www.thedealersden.com: *New* ANGRY HYENA Partial Fursuit with Matching Paw Gloves and Tail This is a partial including a head, gloves, and tail. The head features a resin base, moving jaw, and following eyes. More info, including size info, is over...
  4. Guilleum2

    Moving Jaw vs Not?

    I'm curious to know why fursuiters choose whether or not to have a moving jaw in their head. Is the opposable jaw annoying after a while? Does it hurt? Or are non-moving heads just easier to make/wear? I've never made/worn a fursuit before...Enlighten me!
  5. DumbDeerGurl

    Fursuit Head update #1

    Foam base is put together, just need to round things a little more and I should be golden. I managed to get a moving jaw as well, not very mobile at the moment, will find a way to fix it.
  6. MattWhite

    Anyone know where I can buy a custom fursuit head with a moving jaw?

    I'm not planning on buying one anytime soon but I wanted to get an idea of how much it will cost when I do.