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  1. I

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Animated Illustration unique as a gift, celebratory or commemorating event

    Commission available, an animated illustration like this one into this one! Price starting for 80 USD
  2. X

    Need advice (life stuff)

    I'm moving out into a new property after spending a year with my parents, having being evicted from my last house. I also have a small group of pets/companion animals and I'm not sure if it would be fair of me to take them away from my parent's house as the two birds I own have bonded with my...
  3. Wabbajax

    Songs that brought Tears to Your Eyes

    So I just stumbled upon this cover and even though it was only 2:47 long, I was crying by the end. It was just... so moving. Have you ever had a song like that? One that gave you instant chills and made your eyes weep? Not just a good song, but one that ripped your heart clean out? Post 'em below.
  4. A

    Looking for roommates

    First thing I want to say sorry if I'm not allowed to post this here. All right I'm going to 21 year old guy looking for someone who wants a roommate. I live in a very toxic family situation right now. I'm a hard worker and I have my own car so I can go to you. I just need somewhere else to go...
  5. dogryme6

    To Deviant Art?

    I'm considering moving there because Furaffinity's just not keeping my attention enough anymore. I feel like I have more interests than just furries and I'm honestly kind of tired of the furry stuff on FA because it's hard to find what I like anymore. Plus, who knows, it might even get more eyes...