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  1. jackdaw.beau

    PAINTERLY YCH / FERAL / XENO (Customizable + NSFW welcome)

    eyo, my friends. i am jackdaw. i'm fairly new to FA(F) -- i came here in search of Sci-Fi/Fantasy enthusiasts who are interested in The Weird Stuff. i tend to identify as 'xeno/feral' and am looking to provide for the monster/xeno, interspecies romance, and painterly art markets. of course i'm...
  2. F

    Fused Oneirism

    Hey guys, first post on this site and the first post of many to come, probably. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting any comments or critique whatsoever on my work (outside of my 2 IRL friends who aren't bothered by this sort of stuff), so I figured I'd come here and humbly ask for some...