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  1. pieterator

    Jitsu Squad - 4 Player Side Scrolling Brawler

    Hi everyone, I would like to present to you our newly launched game, Jitsu Squad! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1522080/Jitsu_Squad/ Story Play as one of four warriors, who have been cursed into animal form, in an attempt to seal away their incredible strength. Set off on a quest to...
  2. cyrus_grey

    [Xbox One] Overwatch + Discord chat? 18+

    Hello everyone, My name is Adam and Im vvv new the forums and I'm looking for some people to talk to and play Overwatch with, along with share art and other shenanigans. Add me on discord: @Comrade_Cyr#5399 Once you add me on discord I'll send you my gamertag and we can get to playing 18+...
  3. cowboi

    Recommendations for video games for older people?

    My senior citizen aged mom and I have been extremely bored with quarantine and just for fun, we played Contradiction- Spot the Liar!, a FMV murder mystery video game. And mom, who hates video games, had the time of her life. This led me to the idea that we could try playing other games. Found...
  4. A

    Favorite Multiplayer/Co-op Games

    New or old, multiplayer or co-op, any system. What are some of your favorites? For me it's gotta be Borderlands 2, Diablo 2, and Fortnite.
  5. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Oh Fortuna!

    www.pcgamer.com: Warframe's robo-spider boss battles will be like 'Ocean's 11 with more action'
  6. NigelMorgan

    Multiplayer Game Suggestions

    Recently, me and two friends have hit a dilemma where we all play games, but we don't have any games that all of us like to play together. So, I was wondering if anyone had game suggestions that were similar to what I currently like. I'm a big fan of team-based action PvP games. Examples are...
  7. Keaton Wilda

    Star-Fox Roleplay

    Hi there everyone, this of course is my first post on these forums, but this seems like the most logical place to recruit people for an otherwise interesting experience to be had. What I am coming to you all about is a server coming out on Garry's Mod under the Nutscript platform, this server...
  8. C

    Anyone up for some Ryse Son of Rome on Steam?

    i finally got it for steam after only having it on xbone for so long. i really love playing survival arenas and i love playing this game. if there are others that want to play, send me a pm with your steam and we can team up!
  9. Catolo

    Steam Multiplayer Horror?

    Anyone know any games that have these two together? I enjoy these kind of games for some reason. Some I've already played are: Deceit, Dead by Daylight, l4d series, Killing Floor, White Noise 2 (underrated btw).
  10. Wrought_Havoc

    PS3/PS4 Furs!

    Apparently the old Megathread for PS3/PS4 users was lost, (or at least, i can't seem to find it, or another one!), so i'm starting a new one! Be sure to: Post the games you play, your PSN ID, Platform, etc... I'm mainly looking for someone at least half-competent to play GTA V online with...
  11. Snipernoah11

    D&D inspired Vore rp

    Hey I was wondering if anyone was willing to do a vore rp based around D&D stats and adventure with my one of my characters. I would like switches who can be multiple characters in a RP for this one or just one person can be like that...others can be pred or prey (just no eating me XD!) . Also I...
  12. Wolf-Snipe

    Any fur here play Xonotic?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some furs to play Xonotic(open-source, quake-style FPS) from EU. I play only duels, so if someone interested send PM on FA[i doubt you'll have any problem with finding me there ;) ]
  13. L

    Anyone up for Splatoon?

    I'm just bored. I really wanna find some people that I can make a good squad with. Even if you're not pro, I'd be much obliged to play with you! Nintendo ID: Juigis_Network Username: JubbyDubby
  14. Nosta

    Anyone play DESTINY on Xbox One?

    So I might get some flack for this but does anyone play Destiny on Xbox One? I find it to be a great FPS pick up game. Or really any other online multiplayer games? Just send me a msg Nosta001
  15. Journeyful

    My Game, Blade Ballet, is Releasing - [PS4] [Steam]

    Hey Furs, My studio's first title (Blade Ballet) is releasing tomorrow on PS4 and Steam. I think we've made a very fun couch multiplayer experience and I hope it kicks ass out there. What is it? - An Online and Local multiplayer robot deathmatch with two other game modes (Soccer and...
  16. AdroitCoyote

    Casual Destiny/Overwatch Players: X1

    Two friends and I are looking for a handful of furry gamers who'd like to make a small group or clan or whatever you want to call it to frequently play together. We're primarily looking for Destiny players that would be interested in Raiding frequently, like once a week, or playing Crucible...
  17. N

    Furry mmos

    Know any good mmos and social games with furries aside from: Furcadia, Second Life, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, Archeage, IMVU, World of warcraft, Wildstar, Final fantasy 11 and Final fantasy 14.