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  1. Lei-Lani

    "Shadows in Light" is a hit! ♥

    We're bowled over to already have gotten a couple of five-star reviews from Reader's Favorites, including one saying, "...masterfully written. Shadows In Light presents an intricate plot, an engaging work of detective fiction, and a colorful world to absorb readers. It is an immersive read...
  2. Parabellum3

    Hiring: NSFW Murder Commision (~$50-60)

    Hey all, I'm currently seeking an artist who is comfortable with the content mentioned in the title. I'm looking for two half or full bodies with my character and some other generic character that is up to you to create. More details will follow when in a private chat. Here is a ref sheet for...
  3. Fere

    Looking for critique/beta readers for new novel

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there was anyone out there interested in taking a read of my latest novel, Blyth Gwynne? :-) Perhaps give me some feedback, pointers, critique etc.? It's an adult novel with wolves, heavy metal, murder and mental illness mixed in for good measure. 80k in length. 5...
  4. Grimm Hund

    'Special Trinkets' Poll Redo. Answer as Yourself or Your Sona.

    Now that I'm further into the piece I'm writing, I'd like to post an alternate version and more detailed version of my previous poll. Some answers may stay the same or the results will have changed drastically. Either way, more data! >> One fateful day, a stranger visits you. This stranger is...
  5. D

    Furry murder

    17 year old furry murders her parents with 2 other furries. Her parents were also furries. http://ktla.com/2016/09/25/2-suspects-teen-girl-in-custody-in-fullerton-triple-murder-case-police/