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  1. D

    Predator/Yautja MxM (RolePlay)

    Hi, I am looking for Role Play partner that I can rp in doing like a Predator/Yautja romance. I want to do like a male on male romance. This is going to take place in a scifi mixed with fantasy world. I have different type of stories that we can make or make something new. I have like a long...
  2. Troika

    [NSFW] Big tigsky looking to become a big daddy~!

    This big tigsky wants to be a big daddy~ Who wants to the the courting dance of the big people and give him a big tummy of pups and kitten~? Kinks to be included: Mpreg (main kink), romance, heavy/extreme inflation (air, cum, other liquids), hyper play, growth (non-macro), forced...
  3. Tubs

    NSFW Telegram Stickers/ Reference Sheet for my Panda Tubs

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for NSFW telegram or telegram-like stickers (Lewd stickers, nudity (genitals and such), interacting with a YCH (NSFW), having sex with a YCH u///u. Reference sheet (SFW or NSFW) [At least a front and back side, able to add description (things like name, little features...
  4. Tubs

    Looking for NSFW Telegram Stickers/ Reference Sheet for my Panda Tubs

    Hey y'all I was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw my sona Tubs :3 Anything above $5, and price is fine but I will probably buy under $50 it really depends!, and this is USD currency :3) I'm looking for NSFW Telegram stickers and someone who can make a ref sheet (at least with front...
  5. RubieOnyx

    Birthday Arts

    Heyo! So, I'm looking to scour out an artist who has a knack for canines and muscles! I'm wanting to get something done for my boyfriend whose birthday is in April and he has a OC, though, doesn't have much, if any, art for him. I'd love to first start off with a sketch, before wanting to get...
  6. Mobius Katchmar

    Musclegut Commission [CLOSED]

    Good evening, FA Forums. Today, I'm looking for a person who can draw a fur with a nice round belly, with decent thighs and a good butt, while still keeping a muscular chest and strong arms, as if the term "musclegut" didn't sum it up nicely. The clothes that I'd like is a simple pair of black...