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  1. Amegor

    Any Sabaton furs?

    Post your favorite album and song in the comments :) Album: Great War / Carolus Rex Song: Red Baron / Konungens likfärd I couldn't choose so i did my two faves :)
  2. SleepyKitsune

    I made a composition about Species Dysphoria (opinions pls)

    I have composed an orchestral/cinematic song that is intended to capture the feeling of species dysphoria, although I haven't explicitly stated that outside the FA forum. I would love some opinions on this, especially from fellow dysphoria havers. Identity- DJAlpha (Also, a reminder that I don't...
  3. Sodasats20

    Song lyric posting

    You post lyrics of the song if you recognize it No more than 2 verses at a time After someone else goes it can be your turn again There right there! Look at that tanned, well tinted skin
  4. a sleepy kitty

    What is the theme song of the person above you?

    Just like the title says; pick a theme song fof the person above you. I cannot choose yet, because I am first. c:
  5. Boponopune

    Soul Music

    I am super happy with this illustration. It has been many days of work that have been worth it. :):):)
  6. BlackLynk

    Looking to Partner With One Saucy Individual

    I'm looking to pair with one nerdy rapper to start murking these furry/anthro/cartoon tracks with me, I'm making an album RIGHT NOW and motivation is tough when you're doing EVERYTHING single-handedly, no team, no sponsor, just. me. Willing to offer well on splits, I literally just need ONE...
  7. JuniperW

    Art Trade: LF: music/art, can offer art/writing

    Hey, I’m looking for theme songs for my worlds & characters! And some art, alternatively, if that’s not your jam. I could do art and/or writing in return! Nothing NSFW/problematic though. As for the music, the specific genres I’m looking for are thrash metal and jazz fusion. If those aren’t your...
  8. BlackLynk

    My Cartoon Music Journey Pt.1

    So, as I've been doing for the past decade or so, I'm starting to make some of the BEST music inspired by cartoons, to date. It's going to take a while for people to adjust and get on board, but I'm willing to get doubted and trashed. I've done the research and the potential for this niche of...
  9. AceQuorthon

    Goth Mood

    Give me your favorite goth tunes to vibe to! I’m in a graveyard mood right now and I need the VIBES! Wolf Moon - Type O Negative Cain - Tiamat A Forest - The Cure More - Sisters Of Mercy
  10. Kyrick

    Well, I guess this is the part where I say hello...

    Hello... Is it me you're looking for? A little joke to start off with lol. Should indicate what my sense of humor is like. I'm from England, nobody gets our jokes haha. So, about me. I joined the forums a few weeks back but I forgot my password. Anyway I was more active on FA and wanted to...
  11. anonfoxer

    Post your current earworm!

    Catchy songs are annoying, but very fun, and I want more to get rid of my current earworm. Here's mine.
  12. Hikarty

    Searching for inspiring music!

    Heyo, I am currently trying to work on some homework and music really inspires me so I was wondering if you could help me here by suggesting :0! I'd love to know a music artist or two that you really like or inspires you and if possible I'd love to discover some songs with these themes! since...
  13. soulbox

    Breakcore? Speedcore?

    A complete shot in the dark. Not sure if I'll find any of you into these, but anyone into breakcore, speedcore, or any of the -core genres?
  14. Ashwolves5

    Just sharing my Halloween playlist.

    Music I like to listening to around now. All sorts of different stuff. Enjoy~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsfWJxNNY2WtOhQy-i6a_rHlyikj59Lem
  15. potato-kun

    What would your fursona's theme song be?

    for me it'd be this : im rlly into j-rock and this pretty much fits my pretty chill nature.
  16. Deathless

    Clone Hero Charts

    I've been playing a lot of Clone Hero lately and I really could use some new songs to play because I'm kind of getting bored of playing the same songs over and over again. Does anyone know of any good Clone Hero charts or any good music that would be fun to play? I'm mostly looking for songs on...
  17. S

    i do post music from youtube

    i do post music from youtube that people could enjoy
  18. S

    Hello I'm ronnie

    Hi I'm Ronnie not new to the fandom but I not well known I'm single I like femboys and females. I'm a guy anyway I post art on furaffinity and I like to listen to YouTube music mostly snythwave, chills, smoothing music or game music
  19. suitcasedragon

    (Commission) Selling: music composition commissions $10-$30

    i'm doing music commissions! if you're interested in a commission, either dm me or comment here! i'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have! i do primarily video game type compositions, and they can be looping or complete! an example of one of my composing styles can be found...
  20. suitcasedragon

    music commission interest check

    hi! just wanted to do a quick interest check! i do original music compositions, and kinda want to open up commissions :) below are some examples and my tentative prices. i hope this is okay to post here?? anyway if people wouldn't mind giving me feedback i'd be very grateful! an example of one...