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  1. 2a03fox

    guess who's back? (some shit musician no one remembers! :D)

    like the title says, I've used these forums before, but way too long ago to still have access to that email and such. I write nerd music (mostly gameboy and s3xmodit). I'm nonbinary, neutrois specifically, and they/them or she/her is chill. I'll be looking forward to making friends and meeting...
  2. skalybloke

    Skaly Bloke Says Hello

    Hey Guys, I am new here. I probably wont post much because I am a busy bee. ... Well, I'm not a bee, I was told by a bunch of furries that liking dragons makes you a scalie! Crazy that, anyway... If you don't know me I am a DJ/(reallybasic)musician who's been dong top 40 DJing for about 5...
  3. R

    Do you use loops? Asking music production software users

    For example, in GarageBand there's a section of prerecorded audio tracks, melodies, beats you can use . It almost seems like cheating, they sound really good but it feels like not writing your own music. Just asking for an opinion, I'm new to this stuff.
  4. T

    A New Challenger Approaches

    Hey all! Brief introduction of myself: I'm a college freshman who has never properly been active in the furry community. Both my dad and stepmom have gone to conventions and such but I've never had the opportunity due to school. I'm a music major (both education and performance degrees) with a...
  5. Okamio

    Do you like electronic dance music with a hint of gaming melody?

    If you like techno, trance, house, or video game remixes, then you my friend should check out my submissions on furaffinity. Or... go to my soundcloud page for even more! www.soundcloud.com: BPositiv3 If you want to critique, please be considerate and not a troll. Thanks! RAVE ON!
  6. Okamio

    Hey there everyone.

    I'm not necessarily "new" to the fur fandom, I am however "new" to expressing my creativity on here. So, hello. I'm Okamio, also known as BPositiv3 (My overall alias) (twitch, youtube, soundcloud, etc.) My fursona would probably be a mix of a bear and wolf, due to my height and weight (working...