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  1. Chomby

    Can someone explain the musk fetish to me?

    Is it the attraction to a natural, clean body smell? Body odor? Not showering for days or weeks? Seemingly nobody online really explains it. Where is the line? What is it exactly? I don't have the fetish myself but I know a lot of furries do. What is the appeal? If furries with the fetish...
  2. Ravofox

    Stinkiest Type of Skunk

    We all know that skunks are stinky little critters, in more ways than one! They of course have their noxious spray which can knock out anything with a nose within a mile, but they're also amorous, sneaky, mischievous and down right diabolical! But, there's more than one type of skunk (why oh...
  3. Fere

    Looking for critique/beta readers for new novel

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there was anyone out there interested in taking a read of my latest novel, Blyth Gwynne? :-) Perhaps give me some feedback, pointers, critique etc.? It's an adult novel with wolves, heavy metal, murder and mental illness mixed in for good measure. 80k in length. 5...
  4. P


    Are you a dominant master? do you enjoy the filthy, smelly kinks? if so please get in touch! id like to have someone thats detailed with there roleplays and really gets into filth, whilst feral is prefered i am fine with anthro too! Whats filth? Scat, Watersports, BO, sweat, Farts, Vomit, foot...