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  1. PercyD

    Looking for some long term roleplays over Discord

    I think I'll update my roleplay requests~. So I'm looking for some plot heavy rps on discord! My rps have been a little slow, lately, but I'm down to take on another. I'm currently interested in: 'Uncommon' species of furs and unlikely pairings Perhaps some sci-fi plots (Interesting)...
  2. M

    Casual RPer, looking for people to occasionally have fun with (SFW/NSWF)

    Basically, I'm not always up to RP. But there are times I want to do it, whether it be SFW or NSFW. My discord is Morukami#0493, and I won't be on there much because it is kind of my FA Discord...so most likely my kink Discord, and I wanna keep that on the downlow. I will answer when I get on...
  3. Marziipanz

    Female seeking RP

    This could mean anything from casual innocence to hardcore nsfw kinks. I’m very open minded and willing to try anything once, but keep in mind my character’s shyness. I’d prefer Roleplaying over discord if it can be helped.