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  1. shetaizettai

    NSFW Osmosis Jones RP

    Anyone interested in an Osmosis Jones universe RP involving the City of Frank's reproductive system? NSFW / MxM or MxF / Cannot RP with minors, obviously.
  2. shetaizettai

    MxM Anthro Rat

    I'm looking for an RP partner (18 or older) who is willing to play an athletic, sweaty, virile anthro rat with a high sex drive who is out of the closet. His partner (who I will be posting for) is a closeted rat who has a huge crush on said rat who sees him at the gym and can't help imagining...
  3. princeling

    Hiring: Humanoid Artist

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist that can draw humanoids rather than just furries, and is comfortable with LGBT and pregnancy themes. Without giving too much away, I'm searching for a knee up coloured sketch piece that costs no more than $30 and features two characters. Higher prices are welcome...
  4. princeling

    [18+] Looking for Character Connections

    Hello. I'm looking for character connections for any of the ones here. I'm especially looking for Daniel, Fionnán, Suibhne and Peregrin, and I'm tentative with Colm, Dustie and Treasach. M/M only, must be comfortable with trans male characters, and be down for headcanoning. Please contact me...
  5. teddybeau

    RP/Plot 'Bunnies' - MxM - Long term, literate, 18+

    Hi everyone! Call me Teddy! I'm searching for an 18+ partner willing to plot and write with me in a furry/anthro-based world [At what level, we can discuss; whether it's more similar to our own world or more like something out of a movie will be up to us!] using original or pre-existing furry...
  6. shetaizettai

    MxM Macrophilia RP

    I’m looking for someone who is old enough to rp a MxM NSFW plotline. I like being involved in rps with characters that are already established in animated films. Please reply or send me a DM if you are interested, especially if you’re willing to play a non-OC canon character.
  7. HalfDeadHyena

    [Closed][MxM/1x1/Romance] Looking for someone to do a Night in the Woods-style RP with.

    Heya everyone! I've recently been in the mood to do a certain type of RP with someone. I've been meaning to use my bat fursona more, and I thought he would fit a Night in the Woods-type setting pretty well. By this I mean more so the area and general setting of the game, not entirely the same as...
  8. HalfDeadHyena

    [MxM] Straight and to the point

    I've done my fair share of RP adverts on here, but this time I'm keeping it short and simple. Here's what this is about: - I have multiple sona's/OC's (all males) that I can use, and would prefer you to play as a male character, preferably your own character (IRL gender does not matter to me, as...
  9. HalfDeadHyena

    Looking for long-term RP partners (MxM)

    Heya everyone! My name is Parker, and I'm looking for some new people to RP with! I'm a semi-lit to literate roleplayer with about 3 years of experience with RPing. I do both SFW and NSFW RP's, but I heavily prefer story-driven RPs that have some kind of build up before NSFW stuff happens. I...
  10. VolatusArts

    Looking for RP Friend! [mxm pref]

    EDIT: Been a bit, I've kind of forgot about my forum account. My Discord tag changed to #8680 , and my mental health was behind, so I did kind of go ghost on a few people. Apologies. But hopefully, I'll make some new friendos >> It's not required that your character be male, gay or that you rp...
  11. HalfDeadHyena

    Looking for NSFW RP partners [MxM]

    Y'ello! I'm Parker, your friendly neighbourhood hyena. I'm looking for some people to RP with! In terms of RP I'm pretty flexible, I can do an RP for pretty much any genre, I have multiple sona's I can use depending on the plot/setting and in terms of kinks/fetishes I'm willing to do most kinks...
  12. PercyD

    Looking for some long term roleplays over Discord [Closed]

    I think I'll update my roleplay requests~. So I'm looking for some plot heavy rps on discord! My rps have been a little slow, lately, but I'm down to take on another. I'm currently interested in: 'Uncommon' species of furs and unlikely pairings Perhaps some sci-fi plots (Interesting)...
  13. Z

    Looking for LITERATE long term fantasy style RP partner (MxM) (nsfw +18)

    I started a character a few weeks back for DnD but I want to branch out and do more than just use him for campaigns. I wanted to do a more long term MxM for my wolverine barbarian type character who I have some art of I can show in discord. My character is extremely masculine in build...
  14. Shale

    [LF] 1x1 MxM RP

    Hey y'all. It's been a while since I've been on the RP scene, but I'm looking to get back into it with a one-on-one RP or two. I'm not super active on these forums, and would prefer to RP over Discord. It's also best to DM me here and if we have similar wants then we can move it over to discord...
  15. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW MxM romance story with a femboi bunny ageplay

    Hello! I am looking to do a longer term RP involving my bunny kyro who just moved to a new city and is looking to meet someone. this will be a romance RP where my bunny will start off fairly masculine and over the course become more fem and involves ageplay that could include diapers. if you...
  16. M

    Casual RPer, looking for people to occasionally have fun with (SFW/NSWF)

    Basically, I'm not always up to RP. But there are times I want to do it, whether it be SFW or NSFW. My discord is Morukami#0493, and I won't be on there much because it is kind of my FA Discord...so most likely my kink Discord, and I wanna keep that on the downlow. I will answer when I get on...
  17. ash♤Feliz

    looking for a MxM Rp with my birdsona.

    i'm looking for a MxM Rp with my birdsona. i'm trying to get back into Rp. if your interesting send me a pm on or dm on discord and we can discuss what plot and ideas for the rp . my discord is Ash #3839.
  18. Paintedfoxy

    MxM NSFW romance RP vid discord

    hiya! Wanna RP? I’m looking for another guy who wants to do a NSFW romance RP with my bunny boi. He’s a very shy and stubborn bunny who hides his urges and is afraid to come out as gay because he’s never been with a guy. In the RP there would be a good bit of sexual encounters as he has always...
  19. Paintedfoxy

    MxM NSFW school sports, romance RP

    hiya! I’m Kyro, I’m looking for a partner to do a semi long term RO that is focused on a relationship between my character and a male sports player. I’m flexible on what sport but ideally my character would be a guy who has to make up some extra credit for school and to do so becomes a cheer...
  20. P

    First Chapter of Accidental Roomates is up!

    Just letting everyone know the first chapter of Accidental Roommates is up on my FA. I have enjoyed writing it so far as a break from other projects! If you have the time, please leave me a comment on what you liked about it, what can be changed or whatever. Reviews make progress!