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  1. JollyJester

    Test Post

    Here's a test post fan art \(○`° `○)/
  2. PinkKoffin

    (OPEN) NSFW Budget commissions

    Hiya,i am a beginner artist who is trying to be a freelancer artist too (due to economic reasons) What i offer FULL COLORED DRAWINGS (totally shaded NSFW ) Bust = 6 USD Half-body= 11 USD Full body = 17 USD Will do a rough sketch or two for you so you tell me what to add/remove Will draw...
  3. Hatiblackwolf

    Hati's Gallery

    Hey guys! So I just thought that I would start an art gallery where I will post my art both furry and non-furry related. If you want, you can see my DA account which can be found here: Opheliathwolf on DeviantArt Also @fearlesstiger I have finished your request of your fursona Feraku so I...
  4. galo

    Do you like my style? :P

    I draw since I was 12, but just recenlty I developed and style i like it. Maybe it is too simplistic, I`m not sure, but I really like it. I wolud greatly appreciate if you give me your opinions about my style. xD I know almost every character I drew is a cat or feline, I can draw lots of species...
  5. ladyshalirin

    My furry art!

    Hey guys! I'm ladyshalirin i'm a new member in here ,I want to show you my new art Userpage of ladyshalirin -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. H

    Showing of some recent art and my comic

    as the title says i here to show off some of my recent work, so starting of here the cover and first page to my current comic project cult-following a 24-page one shot comic that me just trying to well take what i'v been learning in college and apply it to making my own thing and just to learn...
  7. RenniksArts

    New to FA forums, introducing myself

    Nice to meet everyone, my name is RenniksArts. I used to be under the name Sketchy Doodle when I did art. I focused on pony art. That has changes due to the pony art community basically making me now want nothing to do with them. Between customers that spend weeks telling me I've done...
  8. Caecus


    Yeh, just got finished him now at 1am, and decided to ask what you think. (His) right paw might be a lil' bit off. I have drawn just three or two months for now, so still much to learn. I have done some backgrounds and human facial expressions but they didn't work too well and I started to draw...