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mythical creatures

  1. Fruitythebeetle

    Does anyone know what youkai are?

    Sorry for the random question here, don’t see many furries with a interest in Japanese culture that isn’t just anime. Hell some folks think Japanese culture is all anime when’s it’s really not. East Asian culture has been something I found a lot of interest in especially now a days. I made my...
  2. F.lee_art

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mythical creature Adopts! 15$+ OPEN

    Hello! I’m selling some mythical creature adoptable designs! These guys have their prices listed and are numbered, first come first serve. For an extra 10$ I’ll make you a new outfit to go with them! Comment, dm me or send an email to F.lee.artwork@gmail.com if you want to purchase one of these...
  3. DraconicDisasterr

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Auctioning Smol Pink Dragon SB: 15$ AB: 80$

    Auctioning my first character, link: www.furaffinity.net: Amicum Dragon by DraconicDisasterr
  4. PercyD

    Looking for an rp partner over Discord [FxF, FxM, Plot Based Mature RP]

    Eyo! =u=/ My name is PD and I'm looking for an rp partner via discord. I have a number of characters I want to play again. I'm also in the mood for FxF, and maybe some high fantasy stuff (think DnD type creatures and mythology). I'm really into species differences too.
  5. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Open for business

    hello,My name is Louis Nagy(aka NIGHTMAREwolf) and I am ready for any art project you want, you want some fan art for one of your favorite shows or maybe a personal piece, contact me and I can do it all,can be either SWF or NSFW all i need is a good description of what you want , paypal is...
  6. M

    Do mythical beings count as furries?

    Would creatures like imps, ogres, and faeries count as being "anthro" or "furry?"