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  1. D

    Norse mythology

    So due to quarantine I’ve been doing lots of reading on mythology (Greek, Eastern, Norse etc) and I’ve gotten an interest in classic Norse tales of the Gods and creatures. I’m making this thread for us to share and talk about our favorite mythological characters, stories, not just Norse, but any...
  2. Fruitythebeetle

    Does anyone know what youkai are?

    Sorry for the random question here, don’t see many furries with a interest in Japanese culture that isn’t just anime. Hell some folks think Japanese culture is all anime when’s it’s really not. East Asian culture has been something I found a lot of interest in especially now a days. I made my...
  3. shirogu5

    Sketchbook: Shirogu5's Artwork

    Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for taking a look at my artwork :) I am a traditional artist and drawing a lot to improve on my artwork. I am currently working on a comic project called 'Eziagoth - Call of the Rune'. I created this topic as a possibility to share my artwork with others...
  4. S

    Hiring artists for Ebook covers and spaceship art.

    Hi, my name is Snekguy and I write a NSFW science fiction series, along with a few random one-off stories usually featuring mythological creatures and the like. You can check out my content here: Snekguy is creating Erotic Fiction | Patreon Userpage of Snekguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net What the...