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  1. Sappho_Cortez

    Taur, Naga, Mer?

    Real simple. If you had to become one of these three for a couple days, which do you think you'd be most comfortable with being? Taur- anthro torso on a feral body (like yours truly) Naga- anthro torso on snake tail Mer- mermaid or merman. Asking out of curiosity and boredom
  2. S

    Searching For Small Doodle Comic

    Hi! I'm really new to this place, so I'm not completely sure I'm asking this in the right section. But I'm searching for a comic that I'm 92% sure was posted on Furaffinity at some point. (I guess technically it could be gone now....) I'll try to describe it as much as I can, and hopefully...
  3. S

    Anyone up to dom in an 18+ lamia hypnosis RP?

    Hi! Just on the lookout for a female roleplay partner at the mo who'd be interested in a NSFW hypnosis RP with a male sub? Prefer long, detailed replies if possible, but I don't mind short ones either :). Let me know if you're interested! (I have Discord too if you'd rather do it there)
  4. PinkWisp

    Monsters for Sale!

    Update 11/28: Putting these guys on commiss.io! Minotaur is $20 Made these guys for practice and wondering if anyone here would want them! Naga: CLOSED Minotaur now $20: OPEN: Four Armed Minotaur by PinkWisp - Commiss.io Spidertaur now $30: OPEN Spidertaur Adoptable by PinkWisp - Commiss.io...
  5. MercutioEx

    Naga Adoptables

    Hey there! I'm looking to sell some of these cute widdle nagas I made! Prices are USD Flatsale, just PM me or comment here if you're interested in purchasing! Once the funds are received I will send you the unmarked .PNG file of the character. I only ask that you do not sell them for more USD...
  6. EmberMage

    Selling a Design

    I am looking MAINLY for money, as I kinda need it right now, due to textbooks being painful on my pocketbook. However, I will be listing this as an OTA, so more people are interested! YOU CAN OFFER: Money Points Art Characters (No base adopts please!!! I will check!) Prices for Auto Buy 20$...
  7. N

    Valentine naga auction (and harpy)

    for this valentine, I wanted to try to do an auction. if you are not interested in nagas or auctions, I also have a valentine harpy for sale. Naga auction (starting at 15$) : www.furaffinity.net: Valentine Naga auction (OPEN) by nina-design-fox243 Harpy adopt (25$): www.furaffinity.net...