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name please

  1. furryfilth

    Blonde Angel Dragon Names?

    Okay okay okay. I finally figured out what my DAD looks like, but she needs a name still. She's mostly a blonde color (less yellow and more of a pale golden brown), with white, light blue, and grey. Personalitywise she's very outgoing and fun, bubbly or bouncy are good words to describe her. The...
  2. KalasTheSheep

    We need a name!

    Hello there, FaForums! I'm currently working on a character for my mate but I need some help. He's given me plenty of characteristics on what the fursona will act/look like, but we just can't settle on a name. We don't want anything too generic or too ridiculous either. Okay, so if you've read...
  3. furryfilth

    Help! I need fursona names!

    Okay I'm lost for names... My fursona is a fluffy white cat with bright light blue eyes, pink nose, inner ears, and paw pads. She also has a bionic left arm and paw, and some other subtle bionic features. When I decide to commission a fursuit of her, she'll have eyes, claws and possibly teeth...
  4. Notkastar

    Anyone know where this is from?

    Been seeing this tums post everywhere and I still have no idea where it's from. The post said "Rolling Star" but, All that gave me where results for one of Bleach's Openings lolz Anyone know where this really is from?