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  1. Punji

    Preferred Names

    AKA the Name Game! I'm sure a good few people are probably tired of me talking about this, but I've always found the idea of names interesting. What name or names do you prefer? Personally even as a kid I've never really liked my IRL name very much. I've always wished I simply didn't have a...
  2. ZombieMuffin

    I've Drawn a Thing... and Can't name it.

    For starters I don't have a good way of scanning it to upload it and if I do it will be a camera on my phone but I've been racking my head all day on what to name my Protogen-sona and was able to name another character off of his backstory that I came up with but I can't think of a good name for...
  3. Arnak

    Renaming my Pegasus

    Hey guys, I'm looking for suggestions for a new name for my old Pegasus. His current name is Redwin "Redd" Hoofiestus Coal.
  4. DireWolfJ4

    (Solved) Name/watermarks???

    So i made some art that i was gonna post on furaffinity or on here and i was scared that if i didnt put my user or name or whatever on it, people could steal my work because well it has no ones name on it. Is a watermark or user/name really needed???
  5. M

    May we have a clear answer on the status of being able to change usernames on the main website?

    I have had this name since I made my original FA account in 2008. I changed my idea about this name about a year or two after I made it, and I've been waiting patiently for more than a decade to change this name. However, the best info I can ever seem to find about the details of any progress...
  6. Deathless

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    If this thread was made before, I apologize! Tell me the backstory behind your fursona's name! Coming up with fitting names is kind of tough and I wanna know what made you chose the name you've chosen? My main girl's name is Deathless (linked pics of my girl just in case y'all wanna see her)...
  7. Thrashy

    Create your own Metal Band! (read startpost)

    As a Metalhead, there comes of course the time you're thinking about founding a band. But how should you be called? Here comes a simple solution: The Heavy Metal Band Name Generator! Mine would be Witch's Temple :p Now post your band names and open these pits up ;)
  8. R

    Main Site Can’t remember artist’s name

    Hi, so I was browsing the website last night (at 10:30 PM to be exact) and found some art by an artist I’m interested in. It was late at night and I had to go to bed. When I woke up earlier this morning, I saw that he/her deleted the art and I was going to search up the name of the artist but I...
  9. N

    Need help renaming a story character

    Update: I have found a name (see my last post in the thread) Figured this was probably the most appropriate forum to post this - now normally I don't have too much trouble finding names for my characters, but I have one character in particular I just can't find a good name for. He is the...
  10. I

    Help me name my new fish

    Hi everyone! I am getting a pet betta fish next week and I have come up with some main names for him/her. I thought of something fancy like Amicus (Latin for friend) or Hercules/Athena (Greek names). I also considered Gemini based on my horoscope. Though like a good friend, it never hurts...
  11. Bluefiremark II

    Your fursona meets...

    A simple game where a user responds to the one above them with their fursonas reaction and then gives tue name of a random person or character. From real life, a story, a movie, anything except for Originals and the user below does the same, responding with how their fursona'd react and then...
  12. mareenaicefin

    Help name my Cat-Fish?

    Hey guys! I decided to randomly make a Cat-Fish for my fursona, Mareena Icefin, as a pet feral. Only problem is... I have no idea what to name it, I don't even know what gender it is... Care to suggest a name and gender? So far for personality... the cat-fish is an asshole, not friendly...
  13. Rap Daniel

    Last name for Rap?

    If you don't see a good name, comment what you think Rap's last name should be.
  14. Technophiliah

    Naming Help!

    Hello! I have this lovely girl here who needs a name, and have had a hard time finding one- already tried about 5 generators and a few baby name sites- if you have any suggestions please let me know! I'm looking for a somewhat uncommon name for her
  15. Rap Daniel

    Name for my oc?

    He's a raptor with patterns like Skade's, except a streak down his side from Indoraptor DNA. (my excuse for raptor anthros smiling) All I can think of for names is 'rap' but it sounds too uncreative... Any ideas??
  16. Moar Krabs

    Name Changing?

    I joined all the way back in 2017 I believe and this account was originally a troll account. I chose the name Moar Krabs but after a few days I realised that trolling got pretty boring so I just checked out the community and I liked it I guess. But now I'm just a regular user and the name Moar...
  17. SammyPolargon

    How to use business name in PayPal without registering for new bank account?

    Hi! How are you? I'm trying to use a business name in PayPal as I don't feel safe giving out my actual name and address to clients. I tried researching and it states that I need to upgrade to a business account, but that the business name I use should be linked to a bank account with that...
  18. Lexio

    Lizard Needs A Name

    Hey guys! I've been feeling pretty scaly recently so decided to make myself a Scalesona... (is that how you spell it?) I havn't 100% nailed down the design details yet (especially as I used a template) but what I'm really stuck on right now is a name... Names Ive thought of include Ray, Lexio...
  19. TheFoxFreedom

    need help to find a name to my fursona

    so, i have a fursona, named "The fox Freedom" or "freedom the fox" but i kinda dont like it :( hopefully, the fandom helped, and now im (fursona) "felix"! Thanks!
  20. E

    Help Me Name This Lovely Lady

    New custom came in and now I need to name her. Naming things is not my strong suit, so I thought I'd ask you all. Here she is www.furaffinity.net: Cheetah Demon Dragon by KingBatman7 by curiosin She is a Cheetah Dragon hybrid. I don't have anything set as far as personality goes, but personally...