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  1. QueenSekhmet

    Furry Or Funny Animal?

    once upon a time the furry fandom went under a very different name: the funny animal fandom until one day some guy coined the term "furry" and it stuck. so my question is: do you prefer the name funny animal or furry to describe the fandom? i'm team funny animal.
  2. cowboykidd


    i just got these fellas n they need names! word names or more "human" names are fine :] https://toyhou.se/15009707.wip https://toyhou.se/15009692.wip https://toyhou.se/15009674.wip https://toyhou.se/15009654.wip
  3. Punji

    Preferred Names

    AKA the Name Game! I'm sure a good few people are probably tired of me talking about this, but I've always found the idea of names interesting. What name or names do you prefer? Personally even as a kid I've never really liked my IRL name very much. I've always wished I simply didn't have a...
  4. Kuroserama

    True Name on bank cards

    I just saw a commercial from Mastercard where, as they say, for the first time ever, you can put your chosen name instead of your given birth name. Whoa! As the ignorant person I am (but always eager to learn!), it did not dawn on me until now that this may be something that others deal with in...
  5. Fallowfox

    Name the above poster's future children.

    The poster above you has a happy family. They've just given birth to, adopted or otherwise procured sproggletly wriggling bablets. But what should they write on their birth certificates?
  6. Fortress Maximus

    Acronym Using Your Name

    Use your name as a base for an acronym that describes your fursona, or you Example... Razorclaw R -Ridiculous A - Awful Z - Zoom O - Offensive R - Radical C - Conservative L - Lazy A - Asshole W - Wicked
  7. cerulean_blues

    What's this lil' guy's name?

    I need some help choosing a name for this fren I got from Canarybun's mystery egg adopts.
  8. C

    Give a rapper name to the person above

    Rappers often have some pretty funny and goofy names so I thought it would be fun to come up with names for eachother
  9. AcerbicSeth

    Anagram the User Above You

    ...I love anagrams (Larvae is mango :V). Take the name of the user above you, and anagram-ify it. Work it into a sentence, or even keep it by itself. However you like. It also doesn't need to be their full username, but bonus points if it is. ;) Examples: @Simo (Simo S. Skunk) We were near a...
  10. Jojer

    Alternate Species Names {Masterlist}

    I'm on a mission to collect all the alternative slang terms for common animal names that we in the fandom use all the time! Let me give you some examples: Common Name: Dog, Canine Cute as heck names: Doge, pupper, doggo SO, what I'm looking for from everyone is the common name of the animal...
  11. G

    How is your username pronounced?

    I’ve seen a lot of... tricky.. usernames on this site. I’m going to assume I’m not the only one who has questions in regards to how a username is pronounced :p So I figured, why not make a thread so we can all finally figure it out :3 Feel free to describe how your name is pronounced- regardless...
  12. Zhalo

    Why don't we choose our names?

    I mean it's kinda dumb, we just get assigned a name by our parents and then it is the norm to use that name for our entire life. I mean you can legally change your name, but it is not that much of a socially acceptable thing to do. As well as it being a hassle to actually do. Names are the first...
  13. Cobalteus

    Can I Use This Name

    Ok so I have been making what will be my main fursona but I thought of something, what should I name it. I was thinking for literally hours then a name popped up in my head. So I searched FA and saw it had already been used but only one time and it has been over a year since they posted it, and...
  14. KalasTheSheep

    We need a name!

    Hello there, FaForums! I'm currently working on a character for my mate but I need some help. He's given me plenty of characteristics on what the fursona will act/look like, but we just can't settle on a name. We don't want anything too generic or too ridiculous either. Okay, so if you've read...
  15. Hellsingkitten

    Help me name my characters.

    I have recently obtained these two characters and I cant decide what name to give to either of them. Anyone have some good name ideas? 1: ? (new)2:?
  16. furryfilth

    Names for Bunnies and Dutch Angel Dragons?

    I'm making two new character and I find that I can create the design a lot easier when I have a name in mind, sooooo.. what would you name a dutch angel dragon and Bunny? Both are female, they have no concept design or personality yet, so just fire out those names!
  17. S

    Someone help me name my fursona

    He is a big scruffy bat w dark colors
  18. Angellothefox

    What furry games can you name?

    What furry games can you name? these can be computer games or video games... ...or even board games... I know Kay is one a cute little tiger with a sword in his hand where the game location is based in china
  19. hypnotizedbydragoneyes

    Submissive Cougar Names

    I'm trying to come up with a name for my male Black Cougar fursona. I want a name that reflects his personality and traits, so feel free to ask any questions. :)
  20. hypnotizedbydragoneyes

    Trying to find a name for my Cougar fursona

    I'm trying to find a name for my Cougar fursona, I hope this helps: Height: 5'9 Weight: 240 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Real Name: Wesley Glasses: Yes Personality: Very relaxed, socially anxious, instinctively kind, obsessive Loves: Food, Cold Weather, Video Games, Anime, Amusement Parks...