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  1. inkbloom

    Forum Auto-Close Old Threads

    I've seen it happen a few times now where an interesting thread from years ago gets resurrected by a typically new user and then flooded with "necro" posts before ultimately being shut down. To prevent this from happening, and encourage fresh new topics without drudging up old hat, would it be...
  2. Chomby

    Forum I don't see why necroposting is bad?

    I guess I have only been a part of one other forum, so I'm not super experienced with all forum etiquette, but I never saw an issue with necroposting. I like how a thread is brought back from the dead and made relevant again. It's cool that years later, people have more to add to the pot. I...
  3. scythemouse

    Art Sales Sub-Forum Needs Better Moderation

    It's getting worse, all you have to do is look at the state of the Art Sales and Auctions forum right now. Currently, it's just one person dragging up two or three year old threads, but this kind of thing happens all the time. I don't reply to a Hiring thread unless it was made at least a...