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need advice

  1. GeekywildDog

    the concept of a story I'm planning to write

    Hello everyone so people hear me out I have this concept of a story I'm planning to write : basically, a guy (human) dealing with his daily life with his 7 feet tall anthro female Tibetan mastiff who doesn't speak English (she speaks Chinese but she understands English) and trying to get their...
  2. WolfosB

    Critique: Looking for general critique (NSFW, softcore fetishes)

    Hi. I'm Wolfos, and I'm looking for people to critique my works. This is my gallery link: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/wolfosb/ I feel as if I could be well on my way to being a great NSFW artist, but I feel like I'm getting caught on just the basics. If anyone who reads this thread would...
  3. Kerosinner

    Desperately need feedback or advice about my 3d models

    Since once I spend my free time drawing furry models in Blender and it bothers me. I`m extremely embarrassed to show this stuff to anybody as it is NSFW and quite low on quality. But without a propper feedback I feel that I make no progress and other artists` models have just unreachable level...
  4. CuteVixen

    Question about fursuit making

    Hiya I've been working on my first successful fursuit (the others failed cos I found the bucket method hard) and I was wondering where you guys get your buckram? I'm a British furry so I may not know the American stores well, and I pay in £ pounds. I did find buckram here but the thing is, the...
  5. E

    Need Advice

    I’m new to this community. I’ve known of and wanted to join the Furry community for a long time, but don’t really know how to get involved. I have t developed a real solid Fursona yet...but I do draw Furry art and have just really admired this community’s passion and openness for years. I don’t...
  6. Uathúil

    I'm a new youngfur and need help.

    So I know a limited amount of stuff relating to the furry fandom. I have finally admitted to myself that, yes indeed, I am a furry. Furries are shunned at my school and are considered "weird" . All I know are a few terms (handpaws, footpaws, fursona). I have looked around online and Fur Affinity...
  7. Skychickens

    Rant thread solved

    EDIT: Long story short: This was a disaster but it all worked out in the end. If you're curious, send me a note we can chat. Turns out, I didn't know my wife had managed to get a savings set up and I ended up putting in two weeks. It may get a little rough for awhile but at least I have a...
  8. K

    I’m new

    So at the start I wasn’t sure about furries but when I started to watch videos and everything I kinda wanna get involved with it but I worried that people I know would find out. (Also I have no idea for a fursona)
  9. RollerRobert

    Animation Pricing Advice

    First off, I'm aware you're not meant to ask people to price your work here - I'm not asking for that, I'm looking for advice on how to do so myself. With that out of the way, here's the deal: I'm thinking of making a hand-drawn animated YCH, and was snooping around comparing prices to see what...